etfiction Glossary & Concepts


John Reyer Afamasaga:
A creative who reinvents himself when unresolved issues rise above the surface. This time his goal is to become an author; he writes because he believes it to be therapeutic.

The Dimensions

SFD: SenFenide Dimension. A surreal place conjured from someone’s dream or nightmare….

MMD: MindMorph Dimension: The lead character in the story exists here….

AMD: AmalgaMension Dimension: Things work out like they’re meant to here….

etfiction & GUIOPERA

etfiction: Emotional Techno Fiction, John Reyer the Firebrand entertainer’s label for his writing technique. The method by which he makes his audience feel for his characters in his Intertextual End-to-End Saga, now in its *Trillion Cool* phase.

GUIOPERA: The online event of the year. An annual online story published daily and sometimes more frequently, broadcast live from September to December every year, and the biggest story on the planet since its inception in 2008.

End-to-End Saga: The story of John Reyer the Poet Soldier’s work to 2011.

Sasbwah: Story-about-the-story—being-written.


The GAME: The winner’s account of a mission.

The Guy in the GAME: The cloaking device upon which a Network Operative falls back when all else fails.

MICER: An acronym meaning “Moron, Idiot, Clown, Extra, Retard”—A zombie-like character whose mission in life is to get in John Reyer’s way, and upset LMLA-ink’s journey toward congruency in the GAME.


LMLA-ink: The group of characters made up of John Reyer’s personas he’s discovered along the way to becoming a storyteller. The acronym stands for Lazoo, Metofeaz, Le Mac & Afamasaga. And also Network operatives who support the John Reyer during his tenure as Poet Soldier.

LMLA-ink Trilogy: The first three Cloaking devices published on the web, namely the etfiction ebooks—John Lazoo, WIPE, & Illicit Blade of Grass.

Morbid Mayhem: LMLA-ink splatter scene, in the name of justice.

New Global Realm

New Global Realm: A name for the World Wide Web which takes into account the nodes.

Nodes: The hearts and minds connected via The New Global Realm.

F3quenZor: A telepathic Network used by Network Operatives to relay Intel, the next generation of Networking—Global Realm II.

Perfect Scarce Loop: Is created when Lazoo finds the eBook John Lazoo at —fiction and reality meet online— as his and the rest of the crew’s pasts are revealed, and so is John Lazoo’s future. The puppeteer and puppet’s worlds become one, and now no one knows who’s running the show. It’s an art form, Performance art/Installation art, in which the World Wide Web is the stage, and the characters in the story react by the minute to what is being written about them. Those around them; normal everyday people; their responses also attribute to the story being uploaded as we speak…

The Dimensions: etfiction’s take on the concepts Hell, Earth and Heaven. The three dimensions are used as locations for the story.

LOVE, TRUST, HONESTY & RESPECT: The cornerstones of The New Global Realm.


The Network: A secret sect that connects the New World Order with Intelligence communities and the Underworld. Read more.

Network Operative: A highly skilled creative who has above average psychic ability and whose intentions are admirable, but sometimes flawed.

Mr. Businessman: The Network’s contact in the intelligence community.

Poet Soldier

The Poet Soldier: Jon Pierre Solomon, and then John Reyer the Network’s Masterminds creators of stories..

The POEMBOOK and the STORYBOOK: The diaries of Jon Pierre Solomon, the Poet Soldier. They are also referred to as the hand-bound leather books.

TRUFUNK SOLDIER: An individual who works hard in a collective to find and give freely the truth.

Literary Technique & Plot Devices

Tone Horroh: In a narrative that appears to be biographical fiction, the author reveals he is actually someone else in the story. Read more.


1920: Jon Pierre Solomon is born somewhere near Antarctica.

1926: Rozelle Zofen is born in Vienna, where she is raised by her mother; her father is unknown.

1938: Rozelle’s mother dies, leaving 11-year-old Rozelle to find her way in life.

1938: Jon Pierre is forced to flee the Pacific. While a stowaway on ship bound for Europe, he meets an entity who advises about the Book of Seeds.

1940: John Poet Soldier, a name Jon Pierre is given, writes ‘Illicit Blade of Grass’.

1965: Jon Pierre finds baby Metofeaz Litigatti on the streets of Venice.

1970: James Elton is born in a New York City home for unwed mothers.

1970: Young Afamasaga meets John Poet Soldier a War Veteran at his second-hand bookstore on his way to school one day.

1972: Afamasaga steals the POEMBOOK.

1986: Metofeaz and John Page meet in Vegas.

1989: Polina Rada is born in the USSR.

1989: Missy Evon is born in the USA.

1991: James Elton arrives in NYC; Metofeaz is homeless.

1996: Afamasaga and Jon Le Mac arrive in NYC and form LMLA-ink.

1996: Genisis Jones and James Elton meet for the first time.

1997: Afamasaga finds the STORYBOOK in New York.

1997: James Elton joins LMLA-ink.

1997: LMLA-ink recruits John Page.

1997: John Page and Santina San Fe adopt Polina Rada.

1997: Hariss Clariss invests in LMLA-ink.

1997: Tongue murders take place.

1998: Hariss Clariss is found dead in the Auditorium of the Compound.

1999: Rocol Récene joins LMLA-ink as an investor.

2004: Metofeaz quits LMLA-ink.

2005: Jon Le Mac moves to South America.

2007: Three books and the POEMBOOK are published as free eBooks on the Internet.

2008: GUIOPERA I is produced.

2009: GUIOPERA II an Inter-Dimensional Relay from the year 2045.

2010: Polina Rada stars in the SystemSpectacular – GUIOPERA III

2011: The e2esaga is published on the New Global Realm

2011: The Poet Soldier comes out of hiding and takes GUIOPERA on the road





John Lazoo

“Illiterate Poet”

Star of eBook John Lazoo

Polina Rada

“Princess of The New Global Realm”

Lead character in eBook WIPE

Metofeaz Litigatti

“Whimsical Scribe/Sniper of Hearts”

Star of eBook Illicit Blade of Grass

John Reyer


Poet Soldier

Jon Le Mac

“Dependable Lieutenant”

Le Mac’s story is coming

Tone Horroh

“Vigilantly/Fallen Angel trying to find his way home”

Plays the role of John Reyer for a while

John Page

“A Pirate with a heart of gold”

Star of eBook WIPE

Genisis Jones

“Beautiful and well educated woman Lazoo meets in Central Park”

Co star of eBook John Lazoo

Rozelle Zofen

“A muse dies of a broken heart waiting for her poet to return to her”

Co star of eBook Illicit Blade of Grass

The Tourist

“Wants to rewrite Rozelle’s story when she meets Whimsical”

Co star of eBook Illicit Blade of Grass

Lavenda Stevonsen

“Incarnation of the Author’s love interest”

Star of eBook BrocoliFlower

Santina San Fé

“FBI Agent who adopts a Russian orphan”

Co star of eBook WIPE

Jon Pierre Solomon

“20th Century’s Poet Soldier”

Star of etfiction STORYBOOK

Janine Elton

“Lazoo’s mother”

Features in eBook John Lazoo

Hannibal Ammer

“His smile reminds you of a snarl”

Villain in eBook WIPE

Jonathan Zoop

“Can steal anything, including the show”

Features in eBook WIPE

Ms Susan Rooté

“An accomplice from the Author’s past”

Le Bruce Gee

“An associate from Hong Kong”

Features in eBook WIPE

Alexvale Rokov III

“Twelve year old carjacker”

Co star of eBook WIPE

Rocol Récene

“A temptress”

Co star of eBook BrocoliFlower

Mr Ghettis

“Kind hearted widower”

Features in eBook John Lazoo

Mr. Businessman

“If the CIA was a person it would be him”

Features in eBook John Lazoo

Mrs. X

“If the FBI was human she would be it”

Features in eBook John Lazoo

Hariss Clariss

“The scariest clown in town”

Co star of eBook John Lazoo

The Guy

“Cut Throat Creative”

Star of eBook The Guy

The Girl

“A muse”

Co star of eBook The Guy

The Thinking Creature

“An organe statue that comes to life on certain nights”

Features in eBook Illicit Blade of Grass


“A character that doesn’t work”

Co star of eBook April’s Fool


“A mouth piece”

Features in eBook April’s Fool


“A low life; the kind who ends up in LMLA-ink’s Morbid Mayhem scenes”

Villain in eBook The Guy


©2013 John Reyer Afamasaga