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Fact or Fiction? etfiction eBooks have been used to relay intelligence to the characters that may be as real as the author himself.

In the End-to-End Saga, it was revealed in GUIOPERA III in 2010 that John Lazoo—JRA’s first eBook written in 2006—was created to let LMLA-ink know that the character posing as John Reyer was in fact hit man Tone Horroh.

WIPE was the plan hatched in 1989 for getting Polina Rada, daughter of U.S. intelligence agents killed in the Cold War, back to the West.

Illicit Blade of Grass was written to let the Network, a secret sect that connects the New World Order and Underworld for the sake of running the SystemSpectacular, know that JRA was heir apparent to the title of Poet Soldier and the Network’s Mastermind responsible for keeping the peace.

John Lazoo

An illiterate meets a beautiful and well educated woman in Central Park...

James Elton, locked up since the age of nine, is free at last and heads for NYC aboard a Greyhound bus. In New York he meets Hariss Clariss, a wealthy man who is immediately infatuated by the likeable person he sees. John Lazoo is a cold-hearted gigolo, a name James takes from a book his mother Janine read to him when she was alive and he was a boy.

Since John Lazoo is illiterate, he sees the opportunities freely available to him in the camp king’s empire. This changes when one day, while acting the fool in Central Park, he spots Genisis Jones, the most beautiful woman John has ever seen. Now Lazoo wants out. He wants to take Genisis as far away as possible from the present and his past.

Inside the grandiose world in which he is stuck he is charged with retelling Hariss Clariss’s life story, but when Lazoo refuses to play the lead role in the play, he is suddenly accused of murder.

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A video game is the platform on which a Russian orphan’s wish comes true.

This is a video game that creates itself as people play it. It does this by sucking their ideas through the controls its players innocently hold to play its levels, which they have unconsciously created. No one knows who is responsible for the virus that is WIPE.

Polina Rada, an orphan in Russia, is not a player. Like any other child, the seven-year-old wants love and adoration; these things she has been made to believe can be found in the West. Her penpal, Alexvale Rokov III, has a mother and a brother. They live in London. He is also not a player, but these two are responsible for the creation of WIPE. John Page is a player who loses all of the time – till now. He has the opportunity to win in the online phenomenon, as he is seemingly randomly, but especially, given an insight to how it works. The race to find the makers of WIPE is a two-way contest between the world’s largest video game manufacturers.

As the story unfolds, John Page becomes less of a player consumed with winning and more of a human being charged with the responsibility of making a child’s dream come true.

Illicit Blade of Grass

A writer feasts while a ghost and her hungry soul wait in the south of France.

American scribe Metofeaz Litigatti swaps places with a published writer who once dated his wife. Metofeaz begins to write while staying at a villa in the south of France that is haunted by the ghost of Rozelle Zofen, a singer who was unlucky in love and who had waited in vain for a poet all her life after he recited the poem Illicit Blade of Grass during a party at the villa sometime around World War II.

Metofeaz meets the Tourist, a young woman looking for a place to stay for the night, at the local village restaurant. Not long after they meet, Metofeaz returns to New York, where he is unhappy and eventually loses everything, including his wife. The Tourist ends up staying at the villa, which she makes her home, and even takes on the identity of Rozelle, as if the ghost’s misery were her own destiny.

Years later, Rozelle comes to New York and tracks down Metofeaz, who is by now an Author, not just any author, but the co-author of John Lazoo, the novel. They now have the right to be together, but Metofeaz has an apatite for creating and is dead set on making the most of the fame he has gained from the success of Lazoo.

Jon Le Mac

Part one of how Lazoo, Metofeaz, Le Mac and Afamasaga came to notoriety.


A Lebanese, Italian girl from Sydney Australia blazes her way through men and money to become a significant figure in LMLA-ink’s rise from the streets to story tellers.

To offset her hedonistic ways, she has her long time friend; a Scandinavian a designer who herself is worthy of the limelight, but is forever in her wake. Things change dramatically when the leader of the creative coop who freed John Lazoo from his murder charge, meets and falls for the designer around the same time he is forced to take her friend as his business partner. The story is set in and amongst John Reyer Afamasaga’s never-ending saga, this installment; spanning decades; from the 80’s through to the near future in the year 2020. In which reality morphs with the surreal where humans like us are entities. Using childlike purity this time; he paints another picture of love, yet again.

"The Guy"

The Guy is a Conceptualizer for John Reyer Afamasaga’s storytelling crew LMLA-ink. The Girl is his muse, whom he cannot inspire with his work here on planet earth, so he escapes with her to a place not so factual, not dissimilar to a dream—the SenFenide Dimension, where the gravitational pull of ideals, is less weighty, and where he manages to see the entity Ish, the divine being, who actually drew him to her in reality.

The Girl has a dream, in which she is required to become a prostitute. Her action sets the scene for a battle between the wickedly unparalleled Country, and the Guy.

The plot is likened to a parody where the cast takes control of the storyline, dragging it to wherever it suits them when they enter into a scene. Or, like a video game, in which the players reprogram the game as they play it. “The Guy” is not only fast-paced but full of zany and sometimes irreverent humor; its plot twists and turns, yet the reader is never quite lost, but rather left stunned by looking back to where its masterful crafting began.

“The Guy” (first edition) is exclusive to Amazon’s Digital Reader Kindle.

April's Fool

Is it as fate would have you believe? Or is it destiny’s child whose own story intersects everyone else’s paths, regardless of how small their part is in yours? April, a hopeful in most regards and a “possible” when it comes to getting her way in life on earth, wins a fantasy holiday to the Dream Dimension, or the SFD.

John Reyer Afamasaga again steps out from behind his machine and plays another mean leading man in his latest ode to the latter half of the 20th Century and the early years of the one we’re in.

April’s Fool was billed as the vehicle for his latest and greatest creation “Ish the Super Model,” who was meant to eclipse both LAZOO and the adorable Russian orphan Polina Rada on their darkest night. But Ish, the heavenly entity whom the Conceptualizer and writer chased in “The Guy,” becomes submerged wholly in the character she plays—April—everyday girl from here on earth, making Ish’s acting debut a critically acclaimed performance.

John Reyer, the notorious storyteller, tempts fate, tampers with the variables, and pulls the strings from which his puppets hang when he drops his guard with Susan Bramley AKA April in real life.

Susan’s testimony turned the trial in the “Tongue Murders” in Lazoo’s favor—something John Reyer and LMLA-ink were always uneasy about because it suggests Lazoo’s team somehow diverted the course of justice.

The leader’s conscience gets the better of him, and as if it were possible, he goes back in the end-to-end saga in an attempt to affect fate or to distill reasons why a certain destiny is gifted to his characters.

From SIL HOUSE in New York City to MMESOL, a brothel in the SenFenide Dimension that feels like a shopping mall for decadency and where serial killings are commonplace, to the Matriarch of the forgotten planet in her big white house on the hill that overlooks Neon City, John Reyer Afamasaga connects all his stories in this, his most twisted tale.


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