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About etfiction

etfiction stands for—Emotional Techno Fiction—a literary style designed by John Reyer Afamasaga.

What distinguishes etfiction from other fiction is how the author appears as himself in the story—a mechanism or device used to blur the line between fact and fiction. etfiction is a subgenre of Metafiction, known for its romantic irony, which results when literary devices and techniques are deployed as part of the plot to create new dimensions for what is perceivable.

etfiction’s Evolution

Evolution, for the sake of “Sustainability,” is at the heart of how etfiction has and continues to evolve. Environmentalism is fundamental, as is entertainment, which is one of the reasons why etfiction is distributed free and exclusively to the Internet with no plans of going to print. In 2006, John Lazoo was published online at www.etfiction.com. In 2008, the inaugural GUIOPERA was released on the Internet. Since then the STORYBOOK and the SESSIONS have been produced, creating a suite of online fiction that inherently adds to the story-about-the-story-being-written each time one of etfiction’s chapters is published through what is commonly known as the LATEST UPLOAD.

The etfiction Vision

The burgeoning book of tales that is etfiction and its auxiliary branches (eBooks, GUIOPERA, STORYBOOK, SESSIONS, POEMBOOK) carries more than just a sprawling epic—its creation is as much a spectacle as the work itself. Big ideas like the Commoditization of Data, which will have many positive derivatives environmentally and socially, is a recurring theme. Other featured topics in JRA’s work include Social Justice and Anti-Corruption, and the one that glues the expansive piece of art together is Love.

About the Author

John Reyer Afamasaga

I design ideas that create thought, and I hope, stories that make people feel something…Emotional Techno Fiction—www.etfiction.com—is where I publish my stuff. I mix consciousness and my personal experience with characters that are less likely to succeed to bring my stories to life. Sustainability is important, and so is energy. So I’m always looking for ways to create perpetual motion within the story, giving me the energy I need to continue developing ideas, concepts, and the storylines. I just so happen to write in a genre called Metafiction, which is known for its Romantic irony; my take on the style affords me to write myself into the story, and hopefully, the end result is surreal realism. For instance, don’t be at all surprised if you find out when you read my stuff that what you’re doing at this very moment is referenced in the work….

John Reyer Afamasaga


Business, Communications & Marketing Analyst

Designing new marketing initiatives and Greenfield projects for high ROI in unchartered territories. Current projects include exploration of foreign markets and brokering subsidiary rights across multiple industries, mediums, products and platforms for boutique publishing house.


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