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LATEST UPLOAD: Christmas Eve, 2015.


Merry Christmas everyone...


LATEST UPLOAD: Christmas Eve, 2015.


Justin Bieber and the theme song from the chapter JRA does a quick edit on, play on the dayo. John Reyer reads over the LATEST UPLOAD, excerpts from the eBook JOHN LAZOO in PART 2 and in PART 3 a rework of a famous scene in GUIOPERA IV back in 2011 a reminder of a strong and prevailing theme in his work and life—that bullies and then haters made him what he is today.

The POETSOLDIER clicks send with a smile a light hearted feeling that beats in time with the tune and Christmas message for the world…

“…It’s the most beautiful time of the year…”

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday December 23, 2015.


Across the street, Litigatti checks his pulse. Time was running out. His beats per memory were beginning to sound like a blur.

Luckily he had managed to narrow down to a handful of shells, the ones that could be simultaneously housing the same entities as SKY-BON and No.5, the phenomena known as harbouring.

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 22, 2015.


CHRISTINA AGUILERA heeds the request, and down on the GM citizens and visitors to WELLY alike are thankful that they find themselves in this little corner of the world at this very moment in time as the POETSOLDIER winds down the chaos and starts disseminating the yule tide feeling for the entire world to believe…

Hang all the mistletoe
I'm gonna get to know you better, yeah
This Christmas

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 21, 2015.


POLINA RADA had not experienced the feeling of truly belonging. But at this very moment, it felt as if she belonged to every living, breathing, seeing and feeling being or thing in the universe…Chris Martin and Coldplay were back. Here to herald the moment she had been waiting for her entire life. The four little birds on the only branch of the tree outside her room chirped as they sang along with the music that encompassed planet earth, as told in the SASBWAH, the story-about-the-story—being-written.

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 20, 2015.


The streets of New York City at seventy-thirty on a Friday evening are alive. Traffic hordes the landscape and the attention of the public transforming from mundane workers, dronelike in appearance into fierce weekend warriors. Shackles and correctness are discarded on the sidewalk, where bars and restaurants swell with laughter and good cheer as beer and wine bend and aid the improbable into becoming true-blue believers for a minute as facts are stretched to suit, and limitations are overlooked till Monday comes around again....

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday December 19, 2015.


LUNAR BOIS holds his glass of tequila up to the screen. The GUIOPERA was in its final stages for another year. The client had accepted his concept and signed an agreement for Lunar to roll out a nationwide branding campaign. Yet the words onscreen, which are still legible through the tequila cut a sombre figure like a searing watermark on his persona as portrayed by his good friend…a glimmer of hope glows incandescently in the body of the tequila. Purpose and bravery shine like mystic moons in a watery sky. To feel mocked is to be ungrateful. For it’s the juxtapose of a clown that he seeks, not the mirror image of himself….

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 15, 2015.


The salient points in the operation for the POETSOLDIER was what it meant to Polina and John Page. Page the archetype of a bad boy or heartbreaker needed Polina for various reasons. Professionally he needed to prove to the Network that he was capable of completing serious missions and not just the quick hatchet jobs he was known for. Personally and this was only in retrospect Page hadn’t experienced what unconditional love was prior to meeting Lina.

On the other hand, Polina wanted to be adopted so desperately that her want was more than enough to match Page’s needs. These types of scenarios lead to the most nurturing and loving Parent-Child relationships. There’s less dependency and more caring, acknowledgement and taking care of each other’s needs…

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 14, 2015.


A Diversion and the Cult of Conspiracy Effect (CCE):

A diversion of great proportions is happening right in front of our eyes. And guess what? When it gets out what’s happening watch the Cult of Conspiracy Effect (made up) further divert attention from the real corruption that’s going down…stay with me for a second…Let’s say, three rein deer are involved in a contest and towards the middle stages of the contest it appears that only two of the rein deer have any realistic chance of winning the contest—rein deer A and B. Rein deer C was not even capable of answering question, “who had a red nose?” His response was something along the lines of, “Hopeless homo was a homeless man, I was there when Nixon peed his pants on the Watergate…something or rather….” Now if deer B was to throw the race by being a total piece of shit and the news of his shady doings got out, in a certain fashion as theorised by a certain quarters of the internet, the conspiracy then overshadows the deviousness of the diversion itself—CCE in action :)…now also consider the standards of the event when deer B’s outlandish behaviour shrouds the entire stage and stuff that usually gets picked up or were previously scrutinised go unnoticed or are deemed unimportant now because deer B’s performance leaves everyone either too astounded to comment or, the commentators are busy with deer B’s latest bombshell…moral of the story? There is no moral, just an observation as to why deer B is so fucking effective at what he does—the more twisted and wrong something is, the more traction it’s going to get! Why? Because we have this shield, blanket thingee called the internet in between us and the reality of it all…we’re either sick of being nice in the comfort and privacy of our homes? Or we’re now totally comfortable with our internet alter egos to vote for the likes of deer B because he said something you only sometimes think but don’t really believe should be a founding principle in a manifesto. Anyways…That’s why come election time, it’s very important that we never, ever! As a democracy allow online voting as a total option. Get up off the sofa and get out into the fresh air and make your way to a booth near you. On the way, the fresh air will breath some sense into us. I promise…So! In the words of Jamie Fox and Ariana Grande

“Focus On Me!”

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 13, 2015.


PS. My only real dilemma as I round off the ends of the threads to each part for the LATEST UPLOAD was whether to use the Bublé or Vince Harder version of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”? The indecision comes for the fact that Harder might be a Christian? And some of my crap is less than, let’s say “fit” for certain settings. Anyways here’s a link to both…


John Reyer

Michael Bublé: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Vince Harder: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday December 12, 2015.


Anyways, it was time for the POETSOLDIER to sit down with the crew in WELLY and see where everyone was at. There was every bit of a chance that this was going to be the last GUIOPERA penned in his city of birth….

In the air, a feeling of acceptance…a corroboration of thoughts that equates to a consciousness, I guess?

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Friday December 10, 2015.


Friday morning and the streets of Welly are abuzz. Threads of the SASBWAH were starting to become more defined, their salient points were beginning to burn holes in people’s minds as they found traction in quarters that were previously unimaginable even unattainable. The essence of it all rising to the surface. #minutepeace was now LMLA-ink’s new year’s project and resolution.

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 7, 2015.


Hone waves out to ALEISHA across the street at the junction of Lambton Quay and Willis St. The narrative begins to form a real impression upon him and his friends. The inner voice with the global appeal in a time when the common denominator seemed so low and clichéd, cuts through the fodder and the noise…Pacifism not only opposes war and violence, but most importantly it forces us to think of solutions. Ideas and concepts that not only address the issues at hand but fulfil a mandate of much deeper and wider breadth of understanding for the human race than just retaliation with brute force.

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 6, 2015.


Christmas chimes in unison express hope and highlight frustrations for those who feel powerless—without a voice or an ear that they can bend their way. To see life from their perspective and to witness hardship as they have.

This year, Christmas is the gift. It’s a time when we can give ourselves. In short, be there for each other this Xmas. There is no other gift more valuable than you.

Lunar feels the swelling inside, as he reads the ending to another chapter of the GUIOPEAR. An irrepressible urge to join his friend in reminding the world of the value of human life comes over him.

The theme song a prelude no doubt to the finale in 3 weeks from now…All I want for Christmas….

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday December 5, 2015.


The Cut Throat Creative one of the many names the narrator is known by accepts the fact that many will condemn his offering as propaganda and self-serving. But living proof that his work has changed the way we think, especially of ourselves and what we are capable of is there. Across the street in the window of a WELLY café, excited about the prospect that he is the next in line to save the world…just like Charlie Puth says,

“Superman got nothing on me…”

JRA, looks left and then right. Puth escapes from a passing car. It gives us hope, don’t it?

“I'm only one call away…”

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Monday November 30, 2015.


Monday morning in the coolest little capitol in the world…On the side of the road, JRA checks Facebook. Preciousrelease.com the Facebook page where the LATEST UPLOAD is distributed has received another view. It was the third in as many days. The little known page remains a well-kept secret for now. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 29, 2015.


The LATEST UPLOAD, a luscious delectable morsel for the followers to consume in a manner of their choosing playfully teases the open mind with countless possibilities and endless opportunities….mobile phones ring out around a world cluttered with gadgets and devices vying for your touch. All of them redundant without the critical-data from his WORD file and desktop…. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday November 28, 2015.


Ideology and mythology are opposing ideas. One is about ethics the other is about ego, never shall the two meet. Being a fan of someone who is combines these two concepts as an art is a dangerous pastime… READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 22, 2015.


Sunday morning and WELLYs, the coolest little capital in the world is awash with blessed sunshine. The sounds of Ambrosia in “Biggest Part of Me” floats on a pleasant breeze, that touches every soul that reads the words that begin to flow from the WORD document, most read. The affluent aspirations of a simple writer exemplify hope world-wide. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday November 21, 2015.


The missing rhetoric for the disillusioned and disheartened hits the internet. In the words of the Isley Brothers the moment is abridged for all to enjoy. And maybe one day #minutepeace will be realised…

“Are you ready for the time of your life
It's time to stand up and fight
(It's alright) it's alright (It's alright, it's alright)
From the highest mountain, and valley low
Well join together with hearts of gold…”

To be continued...


LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 8, 2015.


The New American Dream had been bandied around as a working title for the concept when JRA first pitched the concept to the NETWORK back in ’86. Since then the idea, which is primarily a training manual in the form of a cloaking device for their Semi-System (another name for faction of the Network) has had several iterations. Still, in a nutshell it was all about love, the most inspiring idea known to man. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. In the course of their epic romance villains or scary clowns emerge as antagonists and the good guys and their pals triumph over fool's evil. The new recruits assume the role and traits of a character and follow the storyline for their next move in the field…For years LMLA-ink and their associates went about their work sending the next instalment in headlines and via popular culture. Newspapers, TV, Film, music, LMLA-ink garnered support from some of the world’s most prominent stars offering their art as vehicle for The Kid From Nowhere, the Guy, DJ, Whimsical, the Cut Throat Creative, and LAZOO to name just a few, to spread the word in the name of the cause. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday November 7, 2015.


Aotearoa comes down from an almighty high following celebrations nationwide to welcome home their greatest sports team in history…while Richie McCaw’s men bask in the golden weather of their accomplishments commentators continue to scavenge for superlatives to commemorate the ALL BLACKS of 2015. The crowning moment had been at Twickenham, but the naming of the greatest ALL BLACK team of all time following their successful defense of the Rugby World Cup was still a work in progress. The “Inconceivables” for being the first team to win three and back to back rugby world cups, would sit nicely upon the mantelpiece next to the Web Ellis. Their inconsolable opponents would think so of the ABs’ and their awesome feats since winning the cup in ’11 which includes an unbeaten international test season in 2012 against Australia, South Africa, Argentina, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Italy. All of this success culminating in an unbelievable 83% win rate. According to sports historian Ron Palenski the ABS have surpassed the Brazilian football team, Montreal’s Canadiens ice hockey team and even baseball’s New York Yankees or any other professional sports team in history. All in all, regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, captain of the ABs, McCaw is a special sportsman and unique character for having played so many matches (148) in such a physically demanding sport in the most demanding position of open-side flanker. And to have captained the ALL BLACKS to its winningest era within in an illustrious history says something about the guy…anyways, to McCaw and to the other retiring greats—Carter, Nonu, Smith, Mealamu and Woodcock—it’s inconceivable that in my lifetime I witnessed all six of you guys make history in one ABs team…your presence immortalised an already gargantuan achievement. Maybe the “Immortals” would do you and the rest of this team justice? READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday October 25, 2015.


The feeling of #GRATITUDE prevails as JRA makes his way through the plentiful markets. His First World Problem this morning was finding the cheapest produce in a minimal price and quality spread amongst an exceptional array of choice. This morning’s FWP is not in context of just the third world alone. John Reyer spent the previous seventeen months working for his friend Benoit Petit’s company Solutrades in Christchurch as a part of the rebuild for government social housing. And what he found was the effects of the 10 and 11 quakes on CHURCH had rendered the city broken. The city was still broken in pieces, and as far as the concept of a city in the terms of town planning—there was none. Fundamentally the place is still shattered. Any sense of community down there, is a thin fabric sewn together from the resilience of very brave people who remain there… READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday October 24, 2015.


Suddenly, the day became overcast. It was as if someone’s mood had changed. Grey clouds plumed passively, shrouding fall’s failure to ferment or fallow the day. In fact, the wind joins the murky masquerade. Out from the bushes popped Squirrels that shuddered at the thought that winter may have come already…the swelling elements briefly climax in an orchestral stab that fades as fast as it came to pale what was meant to be a poignant moment in time. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday October 19, 2015.


Genisis walks without a care in the world. Central Park is alive in autumn. Nature’s bustle is evident, the foliage underfoot, a wonderful carpet upon which one could imagine all kinds of marvellous and whimsical ideas. Like love and madly in love. Or fulfilment in spirituality from inner peace and acceptance of all that one is and will be. To be honest she walks to assign and to sync biorhythms with the lunar cycles that change. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday October 18, 2015.


Aleisha feels a shiver run down her spine, her arms wrap themselves around to welcome the smile of relief that the POETSOLDIER has not and never will forget about her and her plight in this sometimes challenging world that is life in the second decade of the twenty first century.

Luminous spheres haze her vision, while euphoria traces the depths of her thankful soul.

“…Don’t want for us to end where do I start
first you wanna go to the left and you want to turn right
wanna argue all day, making love all night…”


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday October 17, 2015.



The bitter sweet sensation that flows through Imogen's body a corrosive orgasmic current that tosses her about for a moment or two till she accepts post-comprehension status of extreme halcyon. The juncture of pleasure exclaimed in euphoria, is lionised by song…

“…Well, you can say what you want
but it won't change my mind
I'll feel the same
about you…”


LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday October 8, 2015.


Johnny looks out over the Purple Sea given its name for deeds and feelings that it inspires. The tranquil yet thought provoking body of water moves in sedate fashion to awake dormant passion. It is known to conjure admirable aspiration of goodwill in the retro and future-sphere of the Dream Dimension. Karma intensified by the sandman in trance-torpidity as one falls into sapid sleep behind the 2nd Horizon. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday October 7, 2015.


“Is it you?”

Jazz funk floating on a breeze pacifies a yearning momentarily. Lee Ritenour serves up summertime in Central Park.

4th of July celebrations were in full swing. Families surrounded by their picnics, couples and their poetic romance extended for all to envy upon the many blankets that quilt the lush domain. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturdy October 3, 2015.


The sound of the waves soothe his mind and erase any misgivings his soul may harbour. The blood red moon combines calamity and calm, melding massive mountains of pain down to a trickling of water, no more than that of a brook. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday September 27, 2015.


“…step by step…”

The live feed on screens around the planet direct from the writer’s Microsoft Word is metronomic if not hypnotic. Word by word an idea is dispensed. Then the flow stops while each line is probably reread, critiqued and edited till finally a passage is complete. Passage after passage, year after year now since ’08 the Guy who dropped out of high school continues to lament his place in history as the most widely read writer ever! READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 26, 2015.


The radio starts tuning itself. Over time Aleisha had become accustomed to all the goings-on in a GUIOPERA, and it no longer freaked her out. She just went with it now. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday September 22, 2015.


A POETSOLDIER’s life is a blend of bohemia and monk like discipline for the purpose of bringing hope where previously there was only darkness. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday September 20, 2015.


In the immediacy of her intimate feelings, emotion melds with aspiration mobilising an energy that conjures pure magic witnessed by purveyors of the end-to-end-saga—fine-music—a grand accompaniment for the textual nature of his narrative…

“…For only love can conquer hate
you know we've got to find a way
to bring some lovin' here today, oh oh oh…”


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 19, 2015.


Lazoo catches himself as he drifts in and out of the out-of-body experience. Holding on to the Wurlitzer it appears that he’s merely looking to choose a song. The energy radiating from his body, a faint glow in the well-lit room, with a smattering of diners who notice nothing.

Behind the counter, Sheila continues to wrap and roll cutlery in their red napkins with one eye on the handsome kid who arrived in the dinner some hours ago.

When music from out of this world begins to play people at the tables look up, but then they go back to their food and conversation like nothing was awry. Sheila pays close attention to the kid who reminds her of someone. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 12, 2015.


Guitars, bass and drums come to herald the arrival of the archetypal orphan at a crucial junction in his life. To the music of Radiohead James Elton steps towards his incarnation of JOHN LAZOO as prophesied in the POEMBOOK and STORYBOOK his mother Janine Elton read to James when he was a boy.

“…Your skin makes me cry
you float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special…”


LATEST UPLOAD: Friday September 11, 2015.


For someone with quite a heavy look about them, he moves swiftly, gliding through limited space to get to the coffee. And in matter of whispers he is out the door, leaving only music in his wake.

“Where there's a will, there's a way, kind of beautiful
and every night has its day, so magical
and if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle
That can't be defeated…”


LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday September 10, 2015.


“…It won’t fly the seven seas to you
Coz it didn’t leave my room
But it awaits the hands of someone else
the garbage man…”

James Elton steps down from the Greyhound bus. The Stone siblings from Australia, Julia and Angus singing about their Paper Aeroplane act like buskers on the NYC sidewalk. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday September 9, 2015.


A true melancholic does not know that he suffers from melancholia. He truly believes that he lives in eternal autumn…

Standing on the summit of Mt Inspiring one can be forgiven for believing they had finally made it. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday September 6, 2015.


John Lazoo shields his eyes. The morning sun at play is broken every so often by the steel beams of Brooklyn Bridge. Still it manages to warm an aching soul, his heavy heart. It’s a condition LAZOO’s been aware of and has cared for on his own since the age of eleven. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 5, 2015.


The morning sky is truly alight with luster absconded when a star exploded and the meaning of life thereupon was promised to someone special. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday December 25, 2014.


In the air, the much talked about chimes of Mariah's “All I Want For Christmas Is You” as Metofeaz takes a step to the side and points up at the lights. The moment many had hoped would happen this Christmas had arrived as the lights begin to cascade red, orange, green, orange, green, red, and then green, green, green. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday December 24, 2014.


Inside the Old bar, like everyone else around the planet, the crew is glued to the screen.

In front of Aleisha still on one knee, Samuel does a dance in the dusty but hopeful plains of Canterbury. His heels kick up dust that transpires into a mirage of things to come.

On the streets of New York, Polina has decided to keep running. The crowd now over a thousand strong was making its way up town at the last report.

And in the twilight of another global installation by the Poet Soldier he calls on help from another TRUFUNK Soldier with an abundance of that Christmas feel.

“...feliz navidad / feliz navidad…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday December 24, 2014.


Polina stops at the mouth of the lane. She senses something special is about to happen. You can count it! It’s that time of year when the Poet Soldier is hard at work ensuring young and old, rich and poor, the sick and then healthy, the meek and also the mighty have something, they all can share, for little or no cost at all. Polina can bet her life on it! That at this very minute while she ponders her escape from her basement existence, JRA is doing all he can to make the moment unforgettable on the New Global Realm. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 23, 2014.


Dreamy scenes from bygone GUIOPERA flood memory banks, till the feeling materialises in song. An eighties classic by George Michael fills the freshly supple and fertile domains of a new agent’s mind. In due course the music will circumnavigate the physical boundaries of mortality, possible when Aleisha’s capabilities as a node on the f3quenZor kick in. The radiance and beaming light, a glow in the setting sun, two days out from the finale in CHAPTER XMAS of GUIOPERA VII—Samuel and the f3quenZor—(The Biograph). READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 22, 2014.


Online, sentiment is overflowing for the cause. On the streets of New York, London, Paris...and Brisbane where it’s rumored that the Poet Soldier is holed up in a hotel room scribing the ending to this year’s SASBWAH, the feeling is electric. The theme song for the chapter spills out onto the pavements from shops and bars and from passing cars. People marvel at luminous spheres in the atmos mistaken for Christmas decorations—another sign of the mystic marvel at work when LMLA-ink and their TRUFUNK Soldiers come together on a worldwide stage. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday December 19, 2014.


The sorry and sullen grovel by Eric Benet in his element and groove “Love Don't Love Me,” is the sulky metronome for the day. Bass tweeters ricochet in the aftermath as pity pretends to give a damn. Litany of lies in ave of truisms and this dogma. READ MORE


LATEST UPLOAD: Friday December 19, 2014.


“Nice to meet you / Where you been? / I could show you incredible things / Magic, madness, heaven, sin…”

Taylor Swift sensualises as she explains the luck of the insane. Upon this opus another female further caresses the theme for discussion without inhibition.

John James Lazoo sits front row in a spectacle that even he, the maestro himself could not foresee let alone conjure. Onstage, Aleisha Smith the femme fatale from the Land of the Long White Cloud begins to let her true colours show. Her tutor, still surly from what happened, arms crossed in an attempt to hide his contempt with his star pupil. READ MORE


LATEST UPLOAD: Friday December 19, 2014.


Assessments upheld by pass marks still meant little to Aleisha. The chance to study was a chance to dance. And that was all there was to it. Easily the most talented dancer in her class, to watch Aleisha dance was to witness the definition of emotion. The stage mattered little—it was the gambol or the escapade that Aleisha valued and treasured till she felt the need to indulge herself yet again—when it came to the need for intimacy, at least. READ MORE


LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday December 18, 2014.


Data—visuals and sound—in reverse, resemble all manner of mayhem from satanic verse to pulp being pulverised over bedrock. And finally the audition tape returns to zero on the counter, and up on screen for all to see, Aleisha, frozen mid motion, amidst mild contemplation in anticipation of exertion, action that foretells emotion and ultimately a story. READ MORE


LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday December 17, 2014.


Blaring from the speakers in the sky, Prince “Take Me With You,” orchestrated for the occasion in line with the purple patches that condemn mediocrity and absolves authenticity depicted in prose with elongated contexts that stretch both what’s deemed possible and imaginable. READ MORE


LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 16, 2014.


Janine maims the feelings inside, hoping it will castrate any connection with the body that lies on the morgue table. The pale skin with purple patches causes Janine, twelve years old to shiver. The conniption, a biting reaction in her system—her mother is gone for good—and Janine is numb, as numb as she was not that long after Janine walked out on her when she was less than three years of age. READ MORE


LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 15, 2014.


Usually when bells toll they clang and they jangle for morose reasons because of death. Instead the sound of chimes calms the districts that surround the epicentre of the disturbance of credence and a dogma that there is “Reality” in the MMD, a dreamscape in the SFD and four planes in between the—Parallel, Mirror, Inverted and Relative—which cater for every nuance of every last percept in the universe. The magic mist falls as it drifts in from the hinterlands that surround the Dimension forks, the effervescent charm settles for now on a cusp while infusions and allusive murmurings are considered as possible turns for the plot in the final and home straight for another year.

Usually it takes something convincing or an act by someone totally convinced that they are capable of influencing change to effect change. In the twilight of an eon, the effects that such people have on society will be realised, change will happen….READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 8, 2014.


In Imogen’s case, her Burden Gown was in fact her bridal gown. One’s gown of burden was the uniform in the sexist enclave that is their basement existence which entraps a certain type of female in a less than flattering stereotype which there is only a handful of cliché labels, in keeping with their male creator’s limited spectrum of imagination when it came to enslaving the fairer sex. Previously it was thought that it was the woman’s hankering for status and acceptance that determined which dress she was condemned to forever. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 7, 2014.


Counting the days and nights till someone accepted her applications for adoption had become a ho-hum affair for Lina. Counting the hours to when Alexvale’s next letter would arrive had definitely taken precedence over her need for any other kind of love.

The music that previously fluttered outside Lina’s window, had infiltrated the windows and walls of the orphanage on the skirts of Moscow? The blissful effect anchoring the sometimes determined child who waves goodbye to the birds and then she lays down on her bed making the most of the celestial moment, using the dreamy state she had incurred to peacefully send her to sleep.

“…And it's been so long / But I will be there / I sing this song / To pass the time away…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday December 6, 2014.


“…Saving nickels, saving dimes / Working til the sun don't shine / Looking forward to happier times / On Blue Bayou…”

Polina’s mind, adrift upon the ocean blue as prescribed by the song rendered in the yoked airs of lazy dreams and octanes of hope, buoys the doldrums of same old same old. The buoyant moments are few and far between so Lina has to put on her best concerned look which can wither in intensity perfectly into a dreamy faraway look in her eyes, so as to keep the prying Mistress at bay. Interplanetary ether folds concurrently—decisively differing the here and now from the dithering of its inverted reality—the heavenly shower flickers like fairy dust which smatters sprightly on Lina’s skin which already has goose bumps. The sensation is an out of body experience to say the least as Lina gets carried away with the fairies that hover casting definition upon the single ray of the silver moon that streaks from the heavens right into her room. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 30, 2014.


Snowflakes linger in a stratosphere where dreams are forged on the abundance of faith and foresight on behalf of those who have fallen by the wayside in pursuit of their dreams. Michael Bublé articulates their fancies in song. Pipe dreams and aspirations mingled in moments of truth that the sting of death cannot defeat, as utterance of remembrance a holy victory for those who have perished in physical dimensions but live on in the ethereal surrounds of the SenFenide Dimension.

“I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love / Even more than I usually do / And although I know it's a long road back / I promise you…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 23, 2014.


A Data Pharaoh or holder of the key to an operational information gateway to the other side is hard to find. A Data Pharaoh is to Emotional Techno Fiction, what the Oracle is to the Matrix. And if one was so lucky to successfully identify one, then all the rewards that come with meeting one of the key figures of the concept shall be reaped. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 16, 2014.



To be fair to the Pirate, he was a just an average guy with top of the line array of sensory skills and perceptive qualities and he had a nice way about him if the truth be said. Orphaned when his teenage mother was forced to give up one of her twin boys because she just couldn’t carry two babies on the streets of New York where she was homeless in the early ‘70s. In fact if you looked at the situation the young mother left John at the orphanage, a warm place where he would be fed and looked after, which could mean—she favoured him over James the son she took with her—and eventually the pair ended up in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday November 14, 2014.


“Help me / How would you gon' do love this way? / I work so hard for you every day / While you out late night do what you do…”

The driving force that is Paloma Faith pulsates in the pipelines of the dimension—data, sound, images and bytes of sic verbatim, encapsulated in homogenous quotation marks, the verifiable verbiage—verbose, vert and steeped in the naivety of this scripted concoction—conjured for the Warmth in the sky. Long story short, Paloma Faith and her song “Can't Rely on You” raises the roof and the temperature, the planet over. Never mind global warming, the future is expedited by the humbling and rumbling bottom end of the tune that melts façades and faces. It causes the citizens to break out in dance. In supermarket queues, in offices, on building sites the phenomenon spreads like wild fire, Paloma and her firebrand Brit Soul/funk populates the previous vacant souls of the citizens with molten larvae of a nu-kinda feeling with oomph!

“…I just can't rely on you / I just can't rely on you / Yeah, you got that good stuff but that don't last (no way) / So I just can't rely on you…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 9, 2014.


“…Gather people / Lady divine she sings / Spread your love / Give this whole world a smile…”

Aleisha takes her first step into the dimension she’s only ever read or dreamt of. Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire fame is up in here. Merriment from his lolly pop Rhythm Blues for the children of the SFD—is sweet as molasses and dangerously infectious that one has to be immunised against the music’s deadly effect. The good feelings rain down on the streets where the citizens have turned out in numbers to revive the REPRO. Newsflash in the sky that Anna Nicole AKA Aleisha Smith of CHURCH landed in the latest cargo shipment and could well be in amongst them, breaks to the people’s euphonious delight. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday November 8, 2014.


Prelude to the climatic finale this year furnish the atmos. Christina Aguilera sings the GUIOPERA staple for the first time this season. The sidewalk is embossed in a caramel like embellishment of Aleisha’s Imaginarium…at the table outside the café, Polina Rada, alone and sedate when it comes to her feelings. Aleisha almost tip toes past the Princess of New Global Realm, who no doubt reminisces about that very special Christmas when she was young. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday November 7, 2014.


Friday morning and strains of lost love and misplaced trust pack memories, triggered by the buzz around town that the GUIOPERA was in full swing. Pleasing and teasing readers, some who need translation of the work, something many who speak and read English as a native tongue also require, when the prose is dissected literally rather than relinquishing dialect and control for an eloquent ride upon the writer’s nib to once unimaginable ends of his unparalleled percept. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 2, 2014.


2AM particles by Adrian Marcel in the atmos. They’re the only matter in this world allowed to come in contact with her silk skin. The air Aleisha creates as she slices sphere and circumstance of the club leaves a whiff of the unobtainable. The wake of her passing by is an event for the desperate that line the edges of the stage to live off, for all time….

“Said it's 2AM / I, I, I—want it girl / Right now…”


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday October 25, 2014.


A quick surveillance of the strip club confirms for Rokov that a Significant Transformation was under way. Polina, his first and only love, regardless of his behaviour is here with Sam the kid JRA the Poet Soldier went to CHURCH to recruit. Bella, Sam’s first love looks sedate and demure for a woman who was meant to be in love. As a womaniser, Rokov already knew what the innate problem was. His diagnosis will not be well received by the fairer sex….

“…Shawty, I don’t mind If you dance on a pole / That don’t make you a ho / Shawty, I don’t mind when you work until three…”

Usher in the air, like a tantric trick for the elite without pompousness reminds the awestruck audience of the magic at play, unrehearsed and unpretentious a snotty nose kid from the nui, pieces together the puzzle as if his core role as the Network’s most prolific scribe wasn’t enough, he circumnavigates foes and friends sent to test him in the most anticipated story of all time. To that end, his heroine flies through the air, her bodice thin and infrequent hardly worth a mention, unlike her wish, her burdens and her penchant for his poetry….

Irascible Trepidation

Opportunity knocks
Rattling a rascal
In his cage for now
callous, confused
at normality
Craving mayhem
And a shallow grave
I submit to whims
That have me see
You in my arms
Sanity I cradle
The irascible soul
Shall rest
For Trepidation’s
Expedient torrents
To arrest the solemn
Yet restless mind



LATEST UPLOAD: Friday October 24, 2014.


Watching from a afar, lost in the midst of the mayhem that he creates when he nonchalantly lassoes the atmos for adjoining stories to cohere, the Poet Soldier almost feels woozy from when the dimensions move into alignment so time, space and matter are able to obey the novice writer’s wish. The gravity altering event is earth moving but not in a quaking motion. It’s best described as being on a carousel that receives a sudden push, swift and momentous for the good of all who can feel the all-encompassing shift in thinking, perception and their actions.

Aleisha a personal project of sorts for JRA is a transformation of biblical proportions—for both the writer and his heroine. Changing someone’s life via a story was unheard of, let alone one written by a novice writer who couldn’t of strung a sentence together to save his life back in 2006. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday October 19, 2014.


Traces of the song Aleisha has been waiting for in the air greets her as she hops out of her car. People everywhere bustling their way into the unrehearsed scene, for which there is a script—only no one has read it prior to the director’s call for action in the LATEST UPLOAD. Some of the crowd live vicariously through Aleisha Smith of CHURCH in the SASBWAH. While others are antagonising as they make their needless stinging remarks heard. “Bitch, what about us? Is she the woman in CHURCH?” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday October 14, 2014.


Aleisha can hear the alarm on her phone, somehow it blends in perfectly with the distant tune she can almost taste. One of the ones, she would wait for in the LATEST UPLOAD.

The tune disintegrates into screaming from a nightmare and then laughter offers momentary comfort till it descends into howling. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday October 13, 2014.


Inside SIL HOUSE CAFÉ the atmos is just how Aleisha imaged. It was vibrant and eclectic. The clashing yet complementing energy of the founding members of LMLA-ink in their natural habitat stirred emotion and piqued curiosity about what they were up to in CHURCH. Lazoo, the leader by default faces the Poet Soldier the leader elect. Lazoo speaks rapidly about a million topics all at once, to which the Poet Soldier responds, “yes,” “maybe,” “hell yeah…” While Le Mac interjects to lament salient points by Lazoo, “empathy is everything! Without empathy, nothing we do will mean anything at all…” To which the Poet Soldier responds in kind, while still listening and supporting Lazoo’s continuous monologue. Metofeaz who was about to offer his view point on world affairs gets the call from Imogen in the diner next door, “Orders are mounting up…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday October 12, 2014.


From across the way Aleisha watches the location of the Significant Transformation in the MMD staking out the joint for any evidence that might incriminate the facilitator of matter across a manifold of layers of complexity, multiplicity and magnificent convergence that creates intuitive yet mind boggling storylines. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday October 5, 2014.


Imogen, aging, chivalry’s dead, passed use by date…all these intolerable ideas circulating in the cranial cavity with eyes for monitoring and surveying activity which one must engage in so they might seem normal to society. Aleisha feels the tingling sensation all over her body, as the LATEST UPLOAD encroaches, meddles and needlessly offers her up as sacrificial lamb for the enjoyment of those around her. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday October 5, 2014.


The symbiology and etymology of "gifted" are the semantics of what’s weird and wonderful about the objectification of someone impoverished in one way and spectacular in another. Still not autistic, Sam is endowed with an understanding or openness to what’s inconceivable, a state which happens when his fear becomes overwhelming—a state in which Sam is able to reach out far beyond this universe and its symbolic parameters and boundaries… READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday October 2, 2014.


Music to have your heart ripped out by transcends dimensions, despondency and any deliberation for the accused, cutting through the second horizon where pictures of the unpopular couple have been replaced by pictures of Sam and his story. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday September 30, 2014.


Lina is adrift like so many around her…Mere shells, possessed by the spirit of someone according to someone else…tending to their concerns and preoccupations, swirling them around like tasting wine, in hope of defining one’s obsessions by aroma and then its sensations and aftertaste or—the fallout from an indulgence, if you like. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday September 28, 2014.


Passion and the pleasure from being able to provide inspiration that motivates so many, obvious as lines of the story pour out. Transposed upon the deep blue sky the snippets of the narrative actuates the Convergence of Sequential Essence from multiple times across various dimensions. The Cut-Throat-Creative had signed on from somewhere to compile the story so it can be shared, enjoyed and realised across multiple platforms, time zones and ultimately the three dimensions the AMD, MMD and SFD where all the action took place. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 27, 2014.


In the LATEST UPLOAD Emotional Techno Fiction distributes newfound ardour for all things that stem from the concept of Love, even the darker side of the most noble of all emotions is pried open to discover its inner workings. And to assist with the transactional dissemination, music from YouTube provides a funky but savvy bed for the message to nest in the integral and within the membrane of every cell of every human the word finds. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday September 26, 2014.


“Relax,” the familiar voice is comforting but then the driving rhythm of “Sing” in the air upholds Aleisha’s fears that her presence is merely as a placeholder in a story about someone else’s salvation and not hers. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 20, 2014.


The citizens are back. Juxtaposing in close proximity of each other, generating enough energy to light up Neon City named for its spectre like appearance in the baron wastelands that stretch from the Dimension Forks to the Endethley Zone. Vegas and Tokyo combined would still be a dim and dull comparison to the capital of the SenFenide Dimension during a REPRO. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday September 19, 2014.


“Sequential Meaning in the context of a Significant Transformation, most likely down in the MMD,” the cool and sophisticated middle aged man explains the holographic scene of diners made of blue light diffracted from the corners of oceans and blue skies, as the diners from another realm continue on with their meals. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday September 18, 2014.


Outside the window, the sun peering through the Pōhutukawa fuels what at first is an almost forlorn frown which then relaxes with the known sounds of the neighbourhood, a mega mix of inner city suburban life… a misfiring lawn mower that syncopates with a medley of sirens, an endangered species of bird blessing the neighbourhood, the family next door packing themselves up for a picnic at the beach and in the distance a party still going strong in broad daylight. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 13, 2014.


In the corner, there’s a personal computer from around the beginning of the millennium with a box VGA screen like the machine on which early transcripts of the Graphical User Interface Opera were transcribed or transliterated for the sake of mankind by a novice, who couldn’t string a sentence together to save his life. The screen saver disintegrates and music from the World Wide Web, streamed from YouTube permeates buffers and then the sound card to add pleasantries to the atmos so it didn’t matter if you’re alone, the vibrations were still great, and at optimum levels for good thoughts, and warm and fuzzy feelings. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday September 12, 2014.


The mash up of music, memoirs and boding omens overstated in the narrative there’s more murmurs about than memes of the Hoff, Chuck Norris and Miley Cyrus combined comes out the other end as emotional techno fiction. It’s a rather eloquent mess. The oxymoron is created by characters suffering irascible trepidation while under extreme pressure to present alternatives for accessing our inner self or authentic self. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday September 10, 2014.


“Pōhutukawa” Sam smiles at the full blown shadow of the tree on the house. And then he turns and looks down the driveway where the clambering of the Lady’s stiletto heels is a comforting sound, “no problems,” Sam whispers. In the sky the bright moon begins to warm him up, when the humming noise starts to drown out all else—anxieties and the concerns that needlessly cause them. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday September 7, 2014.


Four on the floor and then a double it up, till a cow bell to tickle one’s fancy, followed by easy lyric in a mellow delivery,

“Dance! / Let me see you move / C'mon!”

“Dance! / Let me see you move / C'mon!”

The crowd opens up fully, and in the centre there’s a child. No more than 9 years old, maybe 10 at the utmost. He’s in a school uniform, grey, with bleak connotations for Sam who thought he’d made his escape to the Dream Dimension as he recognises who the kid is. Young Sam, in his school uniform in the SFD dances the blues away just like he did on the streets of CHURCH as a child.

Placing two things side by side in pursuit of an aesthetic is feasible. Placing two things apart is segregation and not town planning. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday September 6, 2014.


Aleisha hums along to the latest earworm. The avid music lover can’t quite put her finger on where she last heard the tune, one of the ones made more famous by the novice when he places a YouTube link, nestling a gem into the narrative, nonchalantly—because he can. That’s the premise if you’re looking for an explanation as to why and how someone could captivate an audience so easily by just posting a blog, which is essentially what’s happening, basically. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday September 5, 2014.


There’s an enchanting feeling in the air. It’s almost like there’s a temptress in the sky who orchestrates captivating and thought provoking movements in the ether using her fabulous fingers to motivate emotion. The enthralling notion circumnavigates the ruins of buildings, a reminder of horrific seismic events that rendered the commerce centre of CHURCH defunct. The enchantment by the temptress blossoms on a refreshing breeze, bringing hope when Christmas bells chime on the cusp of heart-warming promises of whims that these words are indeed the opening stanza of a Graphical User Interface Opera. Or for those who know the sound of his words by heart, the GUIOPERA. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday August 31, 2014.


Following the 2011 Quake CHURCH is a throwback to the Wild West. John or the Poet Soldier, a drifter and novice writer arrives in town looking for a fresh start. His day job as foreman for a painting company takes him inside the lives of locals who eagerly await the rebuild which will bring boon times for the region. READ MORE



CHAPTER: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday March 8, 2014.


The final chapter of WELLY STORY 2 is dedicated to Michelle and my family, with a special shout out to G Hern. This guy runs around helping, supporting and promoting everyone else. So I thought it was high time someone recognised Geoff’s talent in print… READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday March 7, 2014.


“You’re such a good man, I know it. Even though we don’t know each other, if you know what I mean….” The embrace is engrossing for both people, what Aleisha says is overwhelming for Hone. Neither one of them knows who the other is, as borrowed time in the sub dimension has run out. JRA steps in and pries them from each other. “Sad movies make me cry too. Come on the popcorn’s run out. Nek session’s about to start…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday March 6, 2014.


The moon light resents pupils that dilate to formulate fondness of the heart in the heat of the moment, which eyelids protect as if it were blistering rays of the sun in a scorching desert. JRA recants in his head the repertoire he’s relied on for so long, a love story about a loser and a damsel too blind to see she was from another galaxy and the distress she suffers is from this uncanny relationship and not her destiny. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday March 5, 2014.


JRA imagines what it would be like to live sometime in the 21st century. Out all the things that could possibly cross the entertainer’s mind as he leads his troupe down a dirt track that will take them to their next gig, what life in the future would be like beckons his answer.

At forty nine, the aging comedian is neither weary nor optimistic. In his suit pocket, his memoirs, classified as biographical, gouged by the beat of his heart. Other than that, he has nothing. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday March 4, 2014.


“The Dirty Lowe-down”

The locomotive doors open and outside in the WELLY atmos, where moving notions carry themselves on artic drifts warmed by earnest currents on a jet stream at the whim and therefore the careful disposal of an impassioned author, slick but true tones furnish the torrent and also placid walkways to the Golden Mile. In this instance, Boz Scaggs paves the way with a funkdafied and soulful bass line. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD:Sunday March 2, 2014.


JRA warms to the cognitive challenge of the task at hand. Of late, distractions, some of them beautiful while others have been as dark as they have been opaque, thinning his intensity and resolve—ultimately his ability to formulate a plan and then plot. He senses Mirah’s energy close by. It acts as a concentrate or additive to his, now that he has made his mind up about his friend’s Lunar’s agenda which is basically a reaction to his personal development back in the future, which points to the current episode in the 80’s as Lunar’s doing. Aleisha and Hone are innocent bystanders who were happy with their existence somewhere around the end of the first decade. Signs that time was running out were starting to show, as JRA cannot pin point the exact time from whence they came. With only history to go by now, which neither he nor his characters are on record, apart from a criminal record, and Lunar’s awards as an adman, JRA must align himself and the cast correctly, each one with their destiny. From his own path as a small time hood to Novice writer, right through to Mirah’s a cop. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday February 27, 2014.


Onstage at the bowling club Hone on the piano delivers a memorable set of kiwi classics which include hits “Cheryl Moana Marie” by John Rowles, Hello Sailor’s “Gutter Black,” “Loyal” by Dobbin and for good measure he throws in a couple by Jerry Lee Lewis which has the members rolling in the isles.

JRA is reminded of the kid’s talents as Hone gets a standing ovation, for which he chooses an encore of Dave Dobbin’s “Loyal” a song the audience have never heard, some of them will be long gone by the time the cult song of a nation finally gets out there a few years from now.

“Thank you, this one’s for my mother, it’s from the future. Oh, and it’s also from someone else who’s out there in the future,” it brings laughter and applause from the crowd for the “Troupe from the Future’s” theme for the night, which included a stand-up routine by Lunar and JRA. “Loyal for all kiwis, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thanks again.” Hone pushes the mic back for his voice that carries naturally, so the mic picks up only notes he chooses to amplify. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday February 25, 2014.


KORA funk from somewhere in the time fold, escapes. The smoke filled room in which colours from a lighting rig, a disco ball and other night club paraphernalia including a malfunctioning smoke machine forms a porous haze of here and then for Lunar, who’s already on another planet. The PA and lighting equipment from one of Jerry’s failed ventures, a night club, leaves just enough room in the lounge for a couch and box TV set that sits on top of one of the bass bins. On a couch made for two a bit normal sized humans—thin Lunar, voluptuous Connie and big Jerry—crammed together in sloth as they surf the abyss made of lavender flavoured smoke that chokes and unthought-of hues from the disco era. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday February 24, 2014.


Lunar looks down at his chest, he smiles at his pit lane pass that hangs around his neck like a medallion which Jerry a spanner hand for one of Aussie teams got him.

Lunar is star struck by the famous faces he can almost reach out and touch as they line up for the celebrity race. A former All Black now league star waves to the crowd, lead singer from a chart topping band, followed by a radio show host. Lunar is sure Johnny could foot it with these guys at least. But the sort of driving Jerry had in mind for his mate was of a totally different nature, on a track where there were no barriers, in a race you had to win. There was no second place. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday February 23, 2014.


Mirah hurries down the stairs of the club, as Hone disappears out the front door. Upstairs was quite an eye opener for Mirah. Maybe the advent of the internet had something to do with it? Or, all the city’s flamboyant players had merely grown up and faded into the woodwork, gone away or died? The eclectic mix of power, its undercurrent, and their minions, was like a safari expedition for Mirah. In a corner, JRA was deep in thought, obviously trying to hatch a plan, Aleisha and the kid who must be Hone had blank looks, while Lunar made the most of his time in one of Johnny’s haunt where he didn’t take Lunar back in the day. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday February 20, 2014.


Shoulder to shoulder, Madonna’s “Everybody” causes fever. The wall of mirrors misted from bodies and breathe entwined in a rhyme and rhythm that forsakes tomorrow and day time sensibilities. The WELLY atmos is most concentrated up in here, where one can round up the top ten most wanted in the city in one foul swoop. NZ’s top ad agency head, Press secretary for the PM, Restaurateur of the year, the creator of country’s foremost hairdressing chain, one of Australasia’s most successful property developers, booking agent for the likes of Bowie, Stevie Wonder…the list is far too expensive to pen for frivolous rights like fiction. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday February 19, 2014.


Johnny watches as his friend wanders of down the street. The Scritti script afloat in the atmos rebounds of the façades of Government buildings where good people like his mother worked hard to keep the system going.

“…It's a word for what you do / In a world of broken rules / She found a place for you / Along her chain of fools…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday February 18, 2014.


Lunar pokes his head through the doors of the Royal Tavern on Lambton. The psychedelic sound of Sherbet casts a fairy dust haze on proceedings in the bar, like the wicked witch of the west had just done a tour of the place on her broomstick. The herb in Lunar’s system must be good. A Gang leader, in the corner spots Lunar and waves him over. Lunar looks around one more time, his feet still on the outside of the licenced establishment, and there’s no sign of Johnny who said he’d be here with mates of his from the Hutt. So Lunar takes another look at the ground as he steps over the line. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday February 17, 2014.


Overhead, clouds rolling in all directions, changes the complexion of Cuba Mall. The transformation was quick and it went unnoticed by the unsuspecting people still in their stride. Only now, the place is back to how it was when Lunar was young, full of beans and stupid—pity, he’s still the same age as he is today. The morphing of time didn’t allow for the transportation of matter belonging to the pivotal characters as it were, which would’ve meant a change in location to somewhere like the Dream Dimension in the SFD.  For now, the people around him are made of fractured light rebounding off the second horizon of the Dream Dimension in between the firewall of the event corridor…soon Lunar  will be just a place holder too, only able to interact with named characters in a particular thread or PART in the story. The core cast will be made up of characters back in the day, who will be assigned their own thread, if Lunar has thought through his move thoroughly. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday February 15, 2014.


Poignant songstress and poetess, LORDE, provides a ditty to watch people in Cuba Mall to. Odd, awkward, slightly out of breathe, and fabulous Wellingtonians sway to the sly pop tune, as they meander, gawk, chill and fantasise about the times they were abroad and were homesick for the cobbled stone walkway with the bucket fountain. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday February 14, 2014.


SHIHAD’s “Comfort Me,” in the air…angst and disgust, aghast—the shock remedy that jolts one—out of oblivion they fell into some time ago. Lunar heeds the hard edged guitars that propagate jagged edges of his recovery. Jon Toogood and the recovery of Shihad from Pacifier to old school enforcer of the electric guitar distributes disdain on the streets of WELLY about the state of affairs while they were away doing time for the War on Terrorism. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday February 13, 2014.


Lunar reads through the LATEST UPLOAD. The theme song “Jezebel” belongs to local lad Jon Stevens. Lunar’s black book is thick with women who’d gladly loop their arm with his. Problem was, most of them only knew who Lunar used to be. Lunar wasn’t ready to settle just yet, he was just going through an important phase of his life that he had to get right, on his own. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday February 10, 2014.


From the kings of the WELLY Universe, Fat Freddy’s Drop, “Wandering Eye.” The song circumnavigates the gates of hell—hangovers from stunning tales of the weekend…Monday morning and Lunar waits in the coffee cue. In front of him and up his ass, mere mortals in their normal skins lining up for their mana, mojo, manhood and mantle in a cup. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday February 9, 2014.


“Hear that?” Hone’s smile is indicative of his mood. “Stop it,” Skylah elbows him in the ribs. The likely couple sit on the water’s edge on the seats made of stone slabs with their feet in the water. “In exactly thirty minutes we’ve been awake twenty-four hours.” Hone sounds proud.

“Tell me what it was like in the last story.” Skylah leans into him resting her head on his shoulder.

“I don't wanna say I love you…” Hone sings the first line of the Split Enz classic “Message to My Girl,” one of the themes of the last WELLY STORY. It comes out soft and pitch perfect. It sounds so sweet, that it shocks Skylah.

“I definitely heard that. Please go on.” Skylah slides her arm under his as encouragement.

“That would give away…way too much,” Hone, who one international producer likened to a cross between Marvin Gaye and Bublé doesn’t need much of a push as he extends himself just enough, without straining his vocal chords (still cold) for his new girl.

“Hip…to be detached…and so precious…”

“Message to My Girl.”


LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday February 8, 2014.


Hone steps down the GM to the funk theme. Winkle pickers and designer skinnies kick low lying dreams to the curb. Luminous spheres in the air from neon lights and illicit memes float around Hone’s head like a filthy halo. The young player turns heads, something the mild mannered kid from the bush has learnt to deal with. A group of girls check him out but then he spots someone who might be Skylah outside the Reading Cinemas...READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday February 7, 2014.


Pacifican persuasions, passive and percussive, punctuate the Friday morning bustle. The streets of Wellington New Zealand, coloured in locals, tourists, Rugby sports stars and their fans, come to life as a roaring saxophone from “Watching You” by Ardijah soars ski-high like the people’s spirits when the Cut-Throat-Creative launches the sequel to WELLY STORY in the LATEST UPLOAD! READ MORE



CHAPTER: ZERO | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | INTERLUDE | 23 | POLINA RADA | DAY 54 | The PENULTIMATE CAPER | XMAS

LATEST UPLOAD: Christmas Day, 2013.


Polina holds her iPad to her chest. The knock at the door, could only be Genisis checking in on her to see how she was doing. Down stairs, sounds and smells that always take her back on what Polina believes to be the hardest day of them all, float through the air, filling her bedroom, as a child.

She sneaks a peek at the tablet to see if the LATEST UPLOAD has been published. Updates say he’s still writing the ending he promised would be uplifting. Unedited snippets with bits blurred out flash in quick succession, Polina’s name onscreen still has an unnerving effect on the twenty-four year old woman. READ MORE



The vigil is nothing more than the girls getting together on Christmas Eve while the boys had some work to do in France, and then they would return home in time for Christmas.

Genisis notes that over the past year, Polina had grown closer to her twin Missy. When Page suddenly announced that he had to go to France, which Polina sensed there was more to it than just a visit, Polina’s first reaction was to want to be near Missy. The arrival of her baby brother, whom Polina adored, also seemed to push Polina closer to Missy.

When the phone rang, Genisis knew from the look on Santina’s face that she had to get to the phone before Lina who was already throwing off the blankets so she could beat whoever to the pick up the call…. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 24, 2013. (Christmas Eve US)

GUIOPERA 55 Days: DAY 54

Christmas bells chime nearby, as Page follows Lazoo through the light bed of snow into the house. If someone had told him this time last year, that next year he would be sharing Christmas Eve with family, he probably would’ve slapped the person silly. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 24, 2013. (Christmas Eve NZ)


“I used to rule the world / Seas would rise when I gave the word / Now in the morning I sleep alone / Sweep the streets I used to own….”

Cold Play provide palpitating penance for Polina as she looks out the window of her room. It seems that all of nature had joined hands to wish her the happiest birthday imaginable. Sunlight glistens on snow dressed branches. Green grass shines where snow had melted. The cat, caught amazingly, in sunshine, perches on the roots of the tree outside Polina’s room, waiting for something unexpected to happen, which Polina is certain that it won’t. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 23, 2013.


Page lets himself get carried away in the alms that his new found passion for life has brought him. The knock at the door, which he’d been expecting, is Lazoo and Genisis arriving for dinner. The possibilities were truly limitless, this Christmas could be so different from the ones before. An instinctive being, but not one who could accept concepts based on faith, Page’s horizons were beginning to expand. Chimes which could only be ethereal challenge his acceptance of what’s possible. Christmas was still months away but Christmas bells chimed in tune with what was in his heart. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 23, 2013.


I have my reasons for doing what I did for the first time in ’97, and then again in ’02 and for most of the past decade. Whether you believe that I learnt to write during this time, or I hid my craft so I was able to conjure an ending like this, is irrelevant. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 22, 2013.


(Dancing With the Freaks)

His narrative had redeeming qualities for Genisis who by reading his story, it helped her escape the denial she lived in. An accessory to countless felonies which, Lazoo is the instigator—like or not—Genisis found J.R.A’s work to be therapeutic on so many levels. Without a hint of speculation, something that most of the other writers did, when they frivolously opened up doors, from the scandalous to the fantastical about Lazoo and her, which they weren’t able to close with logic or even imagination, J.R.A effortlessly paved the road to redemption for Genisis. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday December 18, 2013.


The confusion in her when she tries to fathom the size of the ordeal Lazoo faces is crushing. She has to find a place where she can be alone. For now, it’s under a dome filled with someone else’s consciousness, her Walkman, where the mixtape Lazoo made for her smothers an unkind reality. Frank Ocean is vague, but his perception is contextually applicable to her circumstance. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday December 17, 2013.


“It’s a myth designed to keep everyone on their toes. Fact of the matter, we’re still gangsters and that’s all there is to it.” Page turns his food over on the plate, “did you make this?”

“So it’s a classic case of conspiracy theorists at work. So, tell me then how you make a living busting bad guys?” Lazoo persists.

“We don’t bust bad guys. We put them in their place, so this SystemSpectacular of ours can function with a degree of certainty. Tone Horroh, now and again gets to maul some paedo, but for the rest of us it’s about keeping the peace.” Page doesn’t mind Lazoo’s inquisitiveness about what he does, it shows he’s interested in the family business….

“What’s this?” Page redirects the attention from himself and what he does to the song playing.

“Frank Ocean, Lost” Lazoo considers what he should do with his theory on the John Does…. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 15, 2013.


The piercing air of the wee hours sting Lazoo’s nostrils. His eyes water for that reason, and that reason alone. He looks away from the person he stands toe to toe with and up at the old architecture of the rundown part of Manhattan, the venue for a “very important meeting” according to Metofeaz when he called Lazoo, less than thirty minutes ago. Rusty and eroded stair cases that clang in the whistling wind, windows smashed by misery and then boarded up…not the ideal place to meet a long lost relative. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday December 14, 2013.


“Love is a flower / Let it shine on through….”

The sight of Lazoo and the mob that moves with him in time to the music, is like something from days of old. The sheer pull from the passion he is able to emote when he sees Genisis standing in front of the café, has a cynic like Page concerned. You can hear the sighs from the women and feel the sideward glances from the men in the crowd. The fervour intensifies as Genisis, moves from next to the window, gravitating towards Lazoo who is in line with the front door of the café by now.

He has a look on his face that has inspired magazine articles, songs and even movies. A look that without the woman who walks up to him, out in front of everyone, it would be aimless and meaningless. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Friday December 13, 2013.

WARNING: R18 – Contains Adult Content


Lazoo, wearing only a lava-lava, tiptoes on shag-pile, as he carries a tray of what Genisis would want for in the morning after a night like last night. Fresh fruit diced, yoghurt, pastries he sent for, squeezed orange juice and plenty of percolated coffee. Lazoo inhales the aroma of coffee and the sweet scent of pineapple and pawpaw he called in favour to have the fresh produce delivered to his room within an hour from across town. He counts down to when the music will kick in as he rounds the corner and comes to the bedroom, where he stops and does a little jig on the spot, followed by a shuffle before he enters to the amative acoustic intro to Feliz Navidad by Michael Bublé and Thalia. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD:Thursday December 12, 2013.


Out on the street, John Page sees last of the procession of the women disappear downstairs. Down there was all the family he had in the world. Metofeaz, like a brother, they had grown up together under the care of Jon Pierre Solomon. And then the character they called Lazoo. It was just like his kid brother (by minutes) to claim that he was Little Lazoo, not that Page had gotten to play with his fraternal twin as they were separated at birth. James went with mommy and Johnny got left behind at the orphanage. He was still coming to terms with the backstory which Metofeaz had shared with Page over the last week. As far as Page was concerned, Jon Pierre took him and Metofeaz in from the orphanage and that was it. Page decides it was time to head downstairs and meet his only living blood relative. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday December 11, 2013.


Genisis sees that Lazoo has a timer counting down to Christmas. It says that in 16 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes and 40 seconds from now, “There’s only one place in this world I wish to be.” Genisis wishes that he’d walk through the door, and announce to her that this whole thing was charade or some souped-up edition of candid camera. Next to the widget of a clock, is “Today’s Christmas carol,” one that reminds her of home. She thinks about clicking on the link to Amy Winehouse singing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” Then the pointer begins to move across the screen on its own….

“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus / Underneath the misletoe last night…” READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 9, 2013.


At first, from Genisis’ viewpoint, the flurry of message’s amounted to nothing more than an aberration of concern, fuelled by possessiveness due to a grave fear of abandonment brought on by Genisis’ appearance at the Compound without Lazoo’s say so. Then the sheer volume and the length of some of the messages begin to make her smile. A smile, that soon fades, when Genisis considers her situation. This kind drama is the kind you read about in the papers and ridicule on the evening news. It’s definitely not the sort of situation a well-adjusted member of society finds themselves in, not to mention that, it was of her own volition, which Genisis ended up in the Compound agreeing to a role which can be misconstrued as a Madame in the end. Genisis has already imagined the worst, with a fairy tale ending that becomes grim the more she obsesses over it. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday December 7, 2013.


Genisis waits behind the iron gates of what’s known in certain circles as the Compound. The plush mansion is fortified but in stealthy fashion that doesn’t dim its magnificence.

Behind her the cab flees the scene as the iron gates move to the sound of an electric motor. Then in the distance the front doors of building with a 1700’s façade imported brick by brick from Germany open.

Dressed elegantly, in a two piece suit, not to dumb down her credentials, Genisis puts a foot forward once the gates have stopped. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Thursday December 5, 2013.


Christina Aguilera reminds the world of the season that brings tidings of a different nature for everyone. “This Christmas” fills the auditorium with a spirit that Lazoo’s tried to ignore for most of his life. He came up with his reason for dismissing Yuletide as a feeding frenzy for those more fortunate than others, at a young age. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday December 2, 2013.


Seated around Lazoo’s dining table, a marble monstrosity, designed to comfortably seat thirty deserving guests, is Gene the shark, the criminal defence attorney who will play himself only without a fair amount of the grime he is synonymous with. Next to him is Jack Shack from the DA’s office who surprised Lazoo when he accepted the invitation to be part of a Christmas pantomime sponsored by Clarenta for charity. Shack’s role is of the DA in a story about a vagabond who comes to New York and ends up being framed for murder. Next to Shack is Tait Stevonsen who will also play himself but less the bent of crooked cop. And then there’s Jimmy Afra a fast talking African American who sports a bleached white afro, Mike Haze a small time punk and next to him is Shugit, one of the rebellious lost rich kids from the Compound who like to dress up in toga. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday December 1, 2013.


“Do you realise it’s only 34 days till Christmas day?” Lazoo is adamant that he can fix the situation with Genisis. His smile is free of all the pressures of life, following an overdue work out, in which he expelled the toxins of stress, just prior to meeting with Genisis, who initially was reluctant about the idea. And who can blame her, he hadn’t called the only woman in his life in over two weeks. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD:Monday November 25, 2013.


“The look of love is in your eyes…”

Dusty Springfield in background provides incidental pieces that a mother and child who only have each other will remember for as long as they breathe the vivid air of a summer’s night. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD:Saturday November 23, 2013.


Adele’s voice convolutes the afterglow of another successful raid by Lazoo on the streets of New York.

Metofeaz turns up the stereo, in front of him on the pavement metres from the front of the cab, Genisis watches on as across the street Lazoo waves to crowd before he follows his girls up the stairs bringing another cheer, which loses its glee in Genisis’ seclusion. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday November 20, 2013.


“Like the legend of the Phoenix / All ends with beginnings / What keeps the planets spinning / The force from the beginning…”

At 3:00am, Lazoo kicks the soles of ghosts down Broadway. The semblance of a normal life was only an impression on the wings of a bird of prey, too high in the sky to care as it circled the half dead corpses down in the perfect desert. The spiralling is from diving hopes when the bird zeroed in on its food, forgetting that it had a passenger on its wings…. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday November 18, 2013.

WARNING: R18 – Contains Adult Content


“That’s life…” A look-alike who fronts a thirty piece orchestra, complete with backing singers to boot does Ol’ Blue Eyes proud as he entertains the guests at what Clarenta said would be a “little tea party in the garden”. Lazoo looks out over the manifestation of Clarenta’s power, and he begins to fantasise as he salivates about who will play what role in Lazoo’s revamped production. Gene the Shark, a criminal lawyer, in every sense of the term talks with Jack Shack an up and comer in the DA’s office. The two go way back. Seeing them together at a Clarenta do only serves to stir the pot full of rumours, even when one deducts what’s impossible it still leaves a thickened stew of muck that can turn one’s stomach. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Wednesday November 13, 2013.


Lazoo looks down to his left at the gap between his director’s hair and Harry Clarenta’s. “Blurred Lines” assumedly wholly composed by Robin Thicke and produced by Maestro Pharrell Williams featuring T.I rocks the auditorium as candidates for Lazoo’s next project—MMESOL—anagram for “Manhattan’s Most Exclusive Salon Of Love,” parade past Lazoo. Lithe ones, voluptuous ones, ones with work done and then there is one or two who could do with a makeover or a complete takeover under divinity’s scalpel. Of the fifty beautiful creatures that have made it to the final stage of the cattle call, all of them will in the dim shade of Lazoo’s brazen new Loveland be more than capable of turning a trick or three under the guidance of Lazoo. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Tuesday November 12, 2013.


Monday morning and the streets of New York are alive. The R&B groove “Happy People” an altruistic offering by R. Kelly sets the tone to which coffee is ground and then served in cafés and sidewalk carts like the one Lazoo stands in line waiting for his caffeine fix. Benevolence is the feeling that prevails, in the air, upon a crisp current of optimism that revives the pulse of the people. None more so than Lazoo who considers ideas of goodwill and altruism, even if it’s as a matter of survival. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Sunday November 10, 2013.


“Sunday Morning” and Maroon 5 serenade hopeless romantics from all over the globe who have logged on to the internet portal…a cluster of chat rooms, forums and message boards which organically create a community on the world-wide-web. The music video that streams down line, like the sunlight that shimmers on surfaces it finds on a perfect Sunday morning—effervescently the sound gladdens and warms all that it touches. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Monday November 4, 2013.


Lazoo finds his feet on the street in the naïve sunshine. He has already laid eyes on Genisis, who waits for him. The sight of her instantly dismisses any doubt that he still owns the greatest show on earth, which takes place on the streets of the Big Apple. The cavalier performer who lives to please lassoes the atmos for music to inhabit the spaces and an orchestral exclamation that Lazoo was born for a bigger purpose, the woman he met in Central Park has something to do with his calling. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday November 2, 2013.


R&B circulates in the air, the glints from the polished product propagated by Ne-Yo in “Champagne Life” reflects off Rolexes and the Lamborghini Diablo that passes by which Linda Evangelista hangs out of. Her driver waves… Metofeaz, Le Mac and Tone Horroh step down Madison Ave. Gone, are the pungent and tattered threads Litigatti donned for the cause. They’re replaced by the sleek lines of an Armani suit that comfort his broad shoulders. Litigatti’s million dollar smile shines, “Evangelista, dang!” He waves his hand, the fanning motion blurs in pictures being snapped by Tait Stevensen a private dick in his office, a menacing black mobile surveillance unit parked across the street which Horroh sneers at. READ MORE

LATEST UPLOAD: Saturday November 2, 2013.


Genisis Jones frolics, dismissing any doubt she has about John Lazoo. On the Sound System is Michael Bublé and Ms Nelly Furtado singing “Quando, quando, qunado” The glorious afternoon, made of autumn colours and a fresh breeze envelope the feelings she’s amassed for the man whose shirt she wears as she dances carefree behind the flimsy curtain between her the balcony at his place. READ MORE


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Date: Saturday 5th January, 2013


John Lazoo places his Ne0—TeleWorld .GOR tablet down on the table as he senses something. First he looks to his right and Genisis has a peaceful look on her face as the new mother rests. Wishful thinking would then have him look to his left to see if what was happening in the story had any effect on Missy. He picks up the tablet again and smiles as he looks at the work; an effort by the Poet Soldier to let them know that he cares about his crew, or characters. Revisiting the story of Hemis was inevitable in the wake of Missy’s coma; all avenues had to be explored! No stone could be left unturned! In finding the cure or reason for her coma, which had left physicians and experts perplexed, and now looking for help from the outer reaches obviously, when it was divulged by one of the doctors “Hopefully bygones be bygones and the GUIOPERA will divulge what science and medicine have gravely fallen short in identifying…” Sarcasm, Lazoo recognised, but also acknowledgement of the work that they all should be proud of. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 3rd January, 2013


Johnny Shawshank watches Hemis as Johnny counts down to the moment when Shem-I realises that Hemis is a replica of him due to having arrived in someone else’s dream or having travelled the astral plane after Shem-I did. Entities don’t recognise each other like shells do using physical attributes. Entities understand each other by one’s aspirations, fears and desires, regardless of mental and physical capabilities to fulfil, fight or flee the three cognitions that define an entity. The balance of an Entity’s 3 Cognitions creates a Sáwol-Profilia by which entities recognise other entities. Johnny looks over at the bar to where Michelle is, something which he had promised himself he wouldn’t do for Imogen’s sake, who Johnny lives with. Like Shem-I and Hemis, Imogen and Michelle ended up in the same place at the same time, only Imogen was a figment of Johnny’s imagination, but such was his passion for the character, Imogen and Bella from a previous REPRO re-conjured themselves by recoiling their bronzed states after elevation to the AMD, or the AmalgaMension Dimension, and were back again just when the story would have it, a happy ending for Johnny and Michelle. Cogent argument propels Johnny’s sensibilities to expel any desires for fear that he be a lonely aspirant with only air to his name if he were to pursue the beatific figure, who bides her time serving alcoholic serum that is an elixir to unsuspecting clientele, and was indeed a killer for hire in her spare time. READ MORE

Date: Monday 31st December, 2012


“Been here before?” Johnny asks Hemis and then he looks at the ground, closes his eyes and prays that Hemis will not lie to him. The silence perpetuates the theory that Hemis would’ve been culled at daybreak on the dock for being a rogue entity before civility took hold of the SenFenide Dimension. “Let me rephrase, when was the first time you visited the Dream Dimension?” The window in the wall which no one could see opens and Johnny recognises where he’s at, Raven Tavern, fortifying his fear that Hemis has hijacked the REPRO, as up till now Johnny hadn’t recognised the place he frequents regularly. READ MORE

Date: Sunday 30th December, 2012


Johnny Shawshank knows about the reward for Hemis’ head as he pushes people aside to make a pathway for Hemis. A Light-jacker for eons, Blasphedemien was worth a lot of currency in whatever dimension. Down in the MMD, Lazoo and company would welcome the return of their Missy, which would happen if someone were to kindly ensure Hemis was eliminated in all dimensions, starting with the expelling of his entity in the Dream Dimension. The expulsion of an entity from the Dream Dimension is only possible if the entity is proven guilty of a crime punishable by death nowadays. This is made easy by Afanasy’s zero tolerance of stowaways. But in the bigger picture and for the greater good the message could be sent to all those who consider escaping reality down in the MMD letting them know that hell continues in heaven for those who look for an easy out from life’s ordeals. Johnny, a simple man, tries to arrange his thoughts about what to do with Hemis who he’s harbouring now, due to the mercenary’s first response when he realised he had a wanted man cornered on the glass train and that he might stand to profit from the situation, a decision Johnny begins to question as he sees in the sky that Afanasy himself was on his way to investigate what was happening. READ MORE

Date: Saturday 29th December, 2012


Hemis convulses, looking for something to hold onto as he re-enters the hospital room to find Missy is still lying there…and so, once again he does what he did the time before and lifts Missy out of the bed and flees. On returning to check if the move, which he had carried out with conviction, had worked—removing Missy’s body from the scene—to find that she was still there in the hospital bed, Hemis collapses in a heap. Lazoo’s word for word account of what’s happening to them wizzes around in the air. The detailed story takes its time tormenting a dejected Hemis who no longer holds out any hope of a happy ending to this year’s GUIOPERA. Somewhere in the back of Lazoo’s mind he had a faint belief that his reading to Genisis as a form of hypnosis which Genisis had taken to, would also act as a stimuli for Missy…. READ MORE

Date: Friday 28th December, 2012


“You’ve transported her mind here. It’s okay when just her soul is here for brief visits spread over a period of time with her mind and body still intact back in the MMD.” Johnny reminds Hemis of the danger of disassembling the apparatus, which Hemis wasn’t aware he had done up till now. “Why are you doing this?” Hemis asks Johnny the mercenary as Hemis scoops Missy’s body up in his arms without losing a stride as they hurry to flee the scene before Afanasy’s men arrive. “I want to get back to the MMD, if you really want to know the truth,” Johnny admits to Hemis his agenda for helping him escape the scene which will soon be crawling with Afanasy’s men now that Johnny has vacated his post as sweeper, or first line of defence against rogue entities aboard the glass train…. READ MORE

Date: Friday 28th December, 2012


Johnny knows immediately from the shell’s stance that something’s amiss with the couple fitting the description of the runaways who both appear to have shells but are in a state of cross-dimension referencing—a state—which Johnny knows well. One of the pair has to be alive down in the MMD, as the originator or creator of the dream which gives them access into the Dream Dimension. The dreamer then has to have access to the F3quenZor for them to register on this particular frequency or wavelength. The other person can either be a citizen in the SFD, where they’re a character in a dream, or they’re an entity Light-jacking. Cross-dimension referencing happens when an entity is present in multiple instances across time, in a dream which is being shared by more than one entity that may have inhabited one or more shells responsible for the dream. Either way, a crime has been committed according to the Cross-Dimensional Council and Afanasy has agreed to cooperate with the council and arrest the Light-jacker who hitched a free ride on the glass train and, in doing so, undermines the Council and its efforts to enforce some sort of order across the dimensions. READ MORE

Date: Monday 24th December, 2012


“Missy!” Hemis looks down at the ground as he says her name again, and then he grabs her hand. “Missy, leave the talking to me,” Hemis whispers as the guard who looks familiar gets close. Missy hears the voice, and it’s Hemis’, which can’t be right. The same can be said about the surroundings which seems to be the inside of a huge glass sphere with tubular furniture made of ice but only warm when you touch it. So Missy decides to play along. Hemis lets go of her hand and stands up, which Missy knows is the wrong move as she looks around the long shaped room with people sitting in rows like in an airplane, or a train or maybe even a theatre from how she feels like she has an omniscient view of the room and everything going on. READ MORE

Date: Sunday 23rd December, 2012


“Merry Christmas Baby…” Missy senses the warm feelings that awash her before the music that circumnavigates the immovable obstacles of being a crew member surrounds her and her mother, who looks over Missy’s shoulder and out onto the street. “Are you expecting someone, mom?” Missy asks, finding it hard to conceal her happiness, which is rare as of late. Teenage years, plus being a member of LMLA-ink and a young one at that, whom other youth look at with envy, but if the truth be known, Missy would trade the solitude and discipline that goes with being an agent in a blink. “No, just you,” Arley sounds unconvincing as the music in the air gathers potency, warming Missy’s heart not yet entirely lunged in promise of Hemis, but fairly close. Missy looks around in time as doors to houses along the street open and children come out of their houses. The smiles on their faces from being born in a land truly free of danger, no guns, nor threats of killing sprees, a place where an education doesn’t cost you your life…. Missy sees the company car parked down the road, explaining the scene that gathers feelings as faces of twenty children and their guardians appear in the sky…. READ MORE

Date: Saturday 22nd December, 2012


Hemis looks at the radio which continues to send out messages of all kinds. Some in keeping with the season, like the Mariah Carey Christmas carol, and other messages not so obvious to the untrained ear, or mind to be exact. For now, the Christmas carol, “All I want for Christmas is you”, makes his little one year old stepbrother laugh with glee and that’s all that matters to Hemis, who’s been charged with making sure that the child is fed. Hemis’ dad and step mom are at the local bar, where they’ve been since this morning.  READ MORE

Date: Friday 14th December, 2012


…A thrill rises from the street on which people are careful not to make a fuss about seeing the crew in person. The tingle infusing those beyond the glass permeates the interior of the establishment made famous by the infamous four. The production that comes to life each time anyone of LMLA-ink steps foot in SIL HOUSE Café is already underway. Simon, who is once again the manager of SIL HOUSE, clicks his fingers and the staff know their lines and where their first places are. All of a sudden people on the street who were on their way to somewhere they may have scheduled days, weeks maybe months in advance, make a beeline for the door to the Tribeca eatery where sometimes. if you’re lucky, Lazoo the Illiterate Poet can be seen writing notes on a napkin. Polina sees Simon reach down behind the counter. Goosebumps are summoned as one considers what song Simon will select to thicken the atmos, already rampant with the will of emotion in anticipation of what is possible, from having LMLA-ink, plus Polina Rada and her sister, in the house…. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 13th December, 2012


The young poet’s work had the intonation, width and breadth to house asylums of conduits with pipe dreams and novice aspirations. Multi-faceted, the fourteen year old from Wisconsin, whose mom ran off with the minister of the church when he was still in diapers, was not only a dramatist but also a leading man with poise and passion who could express poignantly through his piercing eyes, elongated context, mixing and therefore joining the dubious and the serious together for the purveyors of the truth… READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 12th December, 2012


The year is 2003… Missy Lévon and Polina Rada are 14 years of age and living in New York. Hemis in Wisconsin is yet to hear about Lazoo and Genisis Jones, as the finishing touches to the original concept in the form of a play is still being written, hence the reason why the author of Lazoo, who was an Orc in Lord of the Ring’s Return of the King is not here today in the crowd. The novice writer who doesn’t own a computer is busy at municipal library on a free computer. There, he rewrites the ending of the concept. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 11th December, 2012


Polina feels the aches meant for someone in their twilight years run down the right side of her body. It causes her to hold that side of her body with her left arm. An arthritic life stemming from dysfunction, a metaphor that hurts Polina on recognising it, but physical manifestation of something that’s meant to be a figure of speech riddles Polina with fear as they near Missy’s hospital room. READ MORE

Date: Monday 10th December, 2012


John James Lazoo, born James Elton in the year 1970, hovers over the hospital bed in which Missy Lévon, his biological sister, sleeps. On the multi-media unit Lazoo had installed in the private hospital room, Michael Bublé sings Christmas carols. The idea is that while Missy lays hopeless in a coma, in no-man’s land she’ll have everything that he and the crew have. In the darkest corner of the room Hemis wants to bawl his eyes out as he watches his hero stress about Missy. Hopeless and helpless to avenge whoever is responsible for Missy being in this state, Hemis assumes the worst. It must’ve been someone she met after them; Hemis grinds his molars as he contemplates what he would say to whoever is responsible for Missy’s current state. READ MORE

Date: Friday 7th December, 2012


Hemis looks out the cab window. He pretends Feeaz knows that he is in the back seat and that they’re on the way to pick up Lazoo, or Le Mac. Hemis Chokery-Blasphedemien, a prankster of late in his out-of-body form, decides to mess with Metofeaz Litigatti AKA Feeaz Fontain. Ignoring the festive cheer in the name of Saint Nicholas for the possibility that Saint Peter will call his name and enable him to come back to the formidable form of flesh and bone, Hemis leans over the seat and changes the radio station. After scanning the crowded band for a clear signal for effect and to find a suitable track, Hemis finds a station playing the exact song he had in mind. Maybe his cause has gained widespread support like the one John Reyer anchors for LMLA-ink for the sake of Prosperity through Positivity from Patience. And someone has hijacked a radio station somewhere for Hemis to prove their point, but for what? A great question, Hemis admits to himself. For what reason does he continue to roam the MMD in his current creepy form, scaring animals, children and the sensitive ones, like he himself was…. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 6th December, 2012


Hemis rapidly closes in on the bulls-eye….The roof of the yellow cab was nothing obviously, as Hemis finds himself seated in the back seat of it. In the driver’s seat is Metofeaz Litigatti. To Hemis, it almost feels like he is being chauffeured some place, and that he is part of a scene, like in the play. “So, where are we going?” Hemis decides on the ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ approach. READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 5th December, 2012


Janine looks out over the farm. Memories laden with hurt and guilt litter the yard. Irrepressible pain hankers for the numb young woman to acknowledge the abominable agony that tortures the mother now and forever….Within the last year, Mr Ghettis the kind hearted farmer, who gave her a roof over head, had died, not to mention what pains the mother more than anything else in this world—her son—James Elton, who was taken away from her one year ago on this day. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 4th December, 2012


The simple but memorable lyric goes, “The look of love—is in your eyes….” Hemis takes a step towards the farmhouse, eager to know if the person on the porch, who seems to be gazing out into the countryside at nothing in particular, will talk to him or not. Maybe the scenery is just a mooted backdrop for something else, or maybe it’s part of an augmentation of this reality and another which the woman, who looks like she’s in her twenties, yearns for. Hemis takes another step and he is almost face to face with the woman. Standing at the edge of the porch, Hemis’ chin rests on the top of the paling so she’s looking directly at him…. READ MORE

Date: Sunday 2nd December, 2012


Across the road, in the window, under the arch of the logo—SIL HOUSE CAFÉ—Missy listens to what her mother says. Next to Missy is Polina the Princess of the New Global Realm, which comes alight as Mobile phones; Slivers, Memoirs and Black Boxes from Ne0—TeleWorld vibrate, summons and flip overtly to notify fans world wide of the LATEST UPLOAD…. Hemis Chokery-Blasphedemien uses the cuff of his olive woollen jumper, which hangs out from under the sleeve of his leather jacket, to wipe his nose. She hadn’t changed…maybe her posture had improved, but her spectacular smile that offsets her sad and longing eyes remains, to this day, the highlight of Hemis’ day. Hemis spots Metofeaz Litigatti crossing the street, with hands plugged deep into his leather jacket, anxious but also eager to be inside the amazing atmos that radiates from the Tribeca eatery at this time of year. A Christmas carol filling the street and surrounding areas sends a tingling sensation around the planet. Cheers from bystanders watching members of LMLA-ink assemble to begin the run to end of this year’s GUIOPERA stay on an even keel as anticipation of Lazoo and Genisis’ arrival keep the few lucky ones who stumbled across the gathering waiting. READ MORE

Date: Monday 26th November, 2012


Imogen looks out the window…drums that pound deeply sound out the beginning of a REPRO. The spellbinding rhythm that shakes the foundations of her tiny cottage stirs emotion deep within, showering the thick-skinned person with an outpouring of imagination that embarrasses the woman who wishes least of all the citizens of the dream dimension. A smile covers her lips for a moment, and then she irons out the fantastical thought that she was a lead character in the REPRO. The fact is, as a citizen of the SFD, she has a part to play in the engrossing story and, for that, she should be thankful. Anything more, like a featured part, would be a bonus for the single parent who recently met someone, whose footsteps they might be coming up the path to her house. Imogen had met Johnny at Raven Tavern where she works after dark to pay the rent. Johnny, a free spirit and a kindred one but a man nonetheless, seemed kind enough and had received high praise from Bella, her daughter, which was a relief for Imogen. READ MORE

Date: Friday 23rd November, 2012


“Hear that?” Lazoo’s question awakes Hemis from his fearful state. The music was encompassing, not necessarily loud, but it was like they were swimming in it. Or, that’s how it felt to Hemis at least. Hemis cuts the sound with his hand as if he was aiming to drag himself forward like a swimmer in the swelling ambience that surrounds them. “U2, Still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” Hemis smiles as he experiences what he’s only heard of the—F3quenZor. The F3quenZor is a telepathic relay, gifted to the blessed ones, and only accessible by those lucky enough to meet up with one of the 3 pillars of the F3quenZor who are able to anoint a node giving them access to the private communication network reserved for physics with a particular purpose in life here in the MMD, or MindMorph Dimension. John James Lazoo, one of those entities with entitlement who is able to bestow permission for one to access the F3quenZor, has a warm smile as he pulls back the maize to show Hemis a scene from the past…. READ MORE

Date: Friday 9th November, 2012


John Page, Tone Horroh, and Metofeaz Litigatti look at each other… three of them seated in the backseat of a 65 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. In the driver’s seat is Jon Le Mac. Out from the haze of the Vegas lights, and in full flight through the Nevada desert night, which still harbours heat, there’s only one the thing that stands between LMLA-ink and the heavens behind the thin veneer of sky—the bass—on the stereo. The music is from the future and it talks about an age or time when every man alive on the planet has the opportunity to reach out to someone, and connect with them regardless of location, race, colour or creed. READ MORE

Date: Friday 2nd November, 2012


Imogen, an entity with entitlement, drops through the atmos like a stone destined to find its place in the story about the story being written. The glass train pulling into the station in the sky’s glow recognises the entity against the backdrop of the tall buildings that line Station Alley. Imogen pierces the glass train, sending ripples in all directions that wrinkle the seamless matter that takes on many forms, depending on its transporter process. Inside the carriage, souls and soft tissue amass confidence as they find each other for the journey into the Dream Dimension. Imogen scours the talent for a shell to inhabit before she decides to be patient and give the spirit she’s been taken by the opportunity to combine with whomever it wants. Imogen leaves the train as those inside it fall into euphoria from having connected spirit and sinew…. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 18th October, 2012


Long in limbo

Long in limbo
Spilling thrilling
In distillable speaking
When if, and if when
As again
I try
In the sun
And in the rain
If there were some snow
Would most likely, Be in there also
In wind
Is Will!
Curly, Wurly, Bits
Bitten and chewed upon
Cursive and creatively
Seemingly simplistic
A Tantric episode
All on his own
With nothing to bare
And then Once all has been
Shared, sheared
And therefore
With nothing


Date: Tuesday 16th October, 2012


Within the walls of The Raven Tavern, all beings, with or without shell, are equal. Gravity defines which direction an object moves in accordance with applied force, or magnetism, at the core of a liaison whether it be dynamic or whether it is of opposing forces. Johnny begins to second guess the physical memory in the sinew of flesh and bone that houses his soul. He begins to walk the bar looking for proof of a conspiracy, arbitrarily swatting whatever is in his path as he waits for someone to offer up information in fear of being the next to be whacked…. READ MORE

Date: Monday 15th October, 2012


Johnny has an embarrassed look, which he makes a concerted effort to shrug off; looking around the bar as an act of defiance, which says he doesn’t care. Everyone is united; from the vampiric, who cannot be seen in the bending mirrors that line one wall of the saloon, to the uncarnate entities, which the scorch fires that flare up from the floorboards expose as exuberant shadows on the ceiling, to the hard-faced vagabonds who would sooner slice you than smile at you for any currency… READ MORE

Date: Thursday 11th October, 2012


Missy lays listless, lost in some warp she is loathed to admit is anything more than a mad crush on one’s co-star. What bothers her more is her omniscient view of Hemis Chokery-Blasphedemien, who appears to be trouble now that another woman has transpired. Missy is concerned how she was led to believe that Hemis was open to exclusive intimacy with her and then out of the blue, a beau from nowhere, or somewhere back Midwest, appears like an elegy that sparks fear of its imminence. Missy tries recalling if she had feared another woman coming between her and Hemis and then a smile creeps across her face as she catches herself out and how ridiculous she is being about the whole situation. She and Hemis were not an item and the likelihood of that happening was more remote than the truth in whatever a male has to say…. READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 10th October, 2012


Johnny circumnavigates the turbulence in the centre of the room. Onstage, Psy from the MMD, a dancing mutant whose hands flap like a bird, while he appears to be riding a four legged mammal of some kind, plays emotional techno in the form of GANGNAM. Johnny makes it to the end of the bar, so he can see all the way down it. Bar flies hang on for dear life as all sorts of creatures, mutated and barely recognisable, lounge around making any outcast feel at home. Last time he was here, Johnny recalls meeting a covetable woman behind the bar, who showed him attention. Johnny surveys the patrons for bounty hunters. He sees that nothing much has changed. The vampires do not speak to their prey, and the glory hunters do not converse with their bounty, and the tourists are naive to the fact that the predators will devour them outside the walls of Raven Tavern, and the bounty hunters will maim a visitor for reward. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 9th October, 2012


In the crowd, Genisis watches as she witnesses the cascading of the lights for the first time. The significance of the stunt is about hacking into the system, but in the most passive show of defiance possible, John Page raises his arm and points at the lights. The police closing in on Page also look at the lights that turn Orange, Green, Red, and then Green Green Green…. The success of the stunt can be measured by the crowd reaction. Genisis looks around at the cheering crowd and then at the cars with flashing headlights and blasting horns, which go back from the lights in all directions as far as she can see. Meanwhile, the look on Page’s face is calm as he’s wrestled to the ground and cuffed…. READ MORE

Date: Sunday 7th October, 2012


Page smiles for the person who shouted out "Anarchy" as Page confirms for himself that there isn’t such a thing as a political system… and all that we have is land, resources and those who try their best to be the boss of it… within that battle, manifestos are created and those who prescribe to them…creating falsehood to occupy the masses with an allusion that they have a say…. John Page sees the blue and red lights weaving their way through the calamity of halted cars. They say a true mastermind does not need a watch, that his heart and mind have the plan saved from the time it is hatched…. READ MORE

Date: Friday 5th October, 2012


Missy checks her Ne0—TeleWorld Silver. The sleek pearl device cannot give her what she wants right now and that is news of Hemis Chokery-Blasphedemien and his whereabouts. So, she does what she normally does, and goes into her secret stash of sad Whitney Houston love songs, which no one would suspect her of keeping from looking at her. The molecular gun that Darwin could not dispute, the enzyme of emotion, Love, seeps into the scene, “nitro-dini”. Missy hears a message from one of her favourite characters in the SenFenide Dimension, the place where she will hopefully escape to tonight. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 4th October, 2012


Music from another dimension orbits the MMD, or the MindMorph Dimension…traffic lights across the planet go haywire, Orange, Green, Red, and then Green, Green, Green…John Page stands in the middle of the road. He looks like a vagrant, homeless, crazy and oblivious to responsibility, which couldn’t be further from the truth. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 2nd October, 2012


“Johnny,” the entity says as Afanasy, an agent for Dimension amongst other things, goes through his preliminary checks. Then the Russian spy from down in the MMD takes a windmill swing at the entity with his left arm, and with his other hand he produces a weapon resembling a sabre which he uses to horizontally slice. The entity angles his torso back to his right and then he crouches, all in a moment before Afanasy executes his next move, causing the Head of the SFD Control Unit to smile to himself. “Shawshank, you’re precision is your own worst enemy. Only you would lead me to believe that it’s you…” Afanasy watches Johnny closely as he stands back up from his crouching position.  “Will that be all?” Johnny asks as Afanasy throws the sabre away. Johnny watches the weapon as it refracts into the gutter and then the sweet smell of burning sugar fills the air. “Love that smell. The smell of protons as they de-sack and cinder into the habitat…” Johnny smiles and then he turns his back on his one-time friend from behind the second horizon. READ MORE

Date: Sunday 30th September, 2012


Hemis opens the door to his apartment…the breezy atmos makes him think whether or not he had shut the windows to the loft. Music that reminds Hemis of home is playing and the smell of bacon summons an appetite he forgets about when he’s on a mission. READ MORE

Date: Friday 28th September, 2012


One or two temptresses come close to luring the mercenary into the dark doorways in which they peddle what his shell yells for as he wanders the dark arena of the seedier side of town. “On Plagues and With Ghosts,” Johnny says to one lady of the night, only for her to mock him with rendition of the poem he quoted the title of: “I ate her / Mind, body and heart / till she was in all of my parts / hardening when I dreamt of her / and shortening when I thought she were gone / but in those moments, little less than a hair….” Johnny wears an awkward smile that he hopes will dissuade the voluptuous vamp which is dissolved when her twin, almost, places her hand on Johnny’s shoulder and the recital becomes a twosome, fortifying the morsel in unison for Johnny to eat, “I still heard her and her fear / I am here I hold her / in both ears / in both arms wrapped around / up and down her figured / Fine and moulded limbs and buns / she knows me and holds me / when up and when I am / down a winding path / to some door I shouldn’t be / There begging and pleading / on plagues and with ghosts / to riddle me to the bone / with lots of lust.” Johnny’s eyes begin to glass over. The potion in words which was a poem of an anecdotal antidote for such encounters is flipped in reverse by the seductive pair as Johnny joins them in the final lines of his demise, “that I must / not trust….” READ MORE

Date: Thursday 27th September, 2012


Her easy way with him is beckoning him to look at her face but he will not allow himself to do so, not just yet. His inclination to fall heavily for someone who engages him for whatever reason concerns the entity as he begins to feel the range of emotions that come with full faculty being bestowed upon him gradually as each moment passes by. Irascible Trepidation, a phase an entity undergoes as it seeks out the shell which it feels most comfortable in, has passed. “Do you know the poem?” the barmaid asks, as the entity is already reciting the words…. “Irascible Trepidation / Opportunity knocks / Rattling a rascal / In his cage for now / callous, confused / at normality / Craving mayhem / And a shallow grave / I submit to whims / That have me see / You in my arms / Sanity I cradle / The irascible soul / Shall rest / For Trepidation’s / Expedient torrents / To arrest the solemn / Yet restless mind” READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 26th September, 2012


A willowy thought of something that happened some time ago leaves a trace of anguish and so the entity summons the barmaid to refill his glass so he may wash the pain away. He slides the glass forward and then he waits. A patient soul, the entity doesn’t hurry anyone, instead he waits. As he waits, he absorbs thoroughly, for the first time, his surroundings. Sounds of shells outside being corralled does bother him, but he’s resigned to the fact that if he lifts a finger he will be roped in to be a leader of some sort and, right now, he has ills of his own that he would like tended to. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 25th September, 2012


Resolutely, the entity stops short of looking up from the barmaid’s fingers and hands that push the refilled glass to a place he does not have to look up from. “There you go, sir, now you need not look any further, in case what you already have is ruined by what you might gain.” The entity bites his tongue, tasting the familiar tang of attraction. He can feel the warm blood that he enjoys sucking from time to time, a lesser substitute for the hunger he can imagine in the hands that retract from the glass he snatches and then he throws the contents of it to the back of his throat. READ MORE

Date: Monday 24th September, 2012


Missy is careful of how she sits as Hemis, on one knee, uses a cloth to wipe the coffee from her black shoe. “Do you wish it was a high heel, or maybe even a stiletto, that you were wiping creamy coffee from?” Missy asks and then she notices that her black skirt that comes down to her ankles is parted, showing off her fishnet stockings. She bends a knee to show a bit more of her stockings, in case he would rather be polishing stilettos than her chunky platform shoe…. READ MORE

Date: Sunday 23rd September, 2012


‘The psychedelia of it all is what makes it something of value. If it could be easily described and then recreated by any mortal then it wouldn’t be worth the bandwidth it takes to send it to the New Global Realm. READ MORE

Date: Friday 21st September, 2012


“When you’re strange / Faces come out of the rain…” The entity hears the lyrics and the larcenist finds comfort in the song. He must find out where it is coming from. The alleyway is crowded with characters more akin to noir than a historical drama, which he is dressed for in his armour. The music seems to have left a trail of women with heaving busts mesmerised by one Mr James Morrison lampooning as a story teller/singer. The end of the trail leads the entity who now has form and shape to saloon doors that swing often. Behind the swinging doors the entity can see merriment and folly he can only attribute to the liquor flowing freely from the bowsers of the jumping establishment. The entity in his armour places a hand on one of the doors as he decides he will face the source of the music that has him intrigued as to whether he is strange or not. The notion that he was somewhat normal intrigues the entity. And that, on observation, he too would show signs that he was capable of feelings and emotions attached to appropriate responses at chosen times in keeping with particular scenarios. The entity steps back to take a look at the name on the banner of the bar before he enters into it. “Raven Tavern,” is the name of the establishment. He’d heard about it. Or, maybe he’d imagined it on the New Global Realm? One never can tell these days…. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 20th September, 2012


“They park their caravan there to remind me of what happened, regardless of the fact that they were extras, so to speak. Jimmy doing time was his own fault for getting involved…” Lazoo sounds normal for once like he feels sorry for Hemis after Missy’s behaviour towards Hemis. As Hemis sees the coffee puddle on the floor starting to spread, he looks down and away from Lazoo who has him fixed in his gaze. The puddle reaches Missy’s feet, which she looks down at as the coffee gathers around her shiny black shoes. She merely looks at them, not reacting, then she looks back at Hemis as if to say ‘look what you’ve done’, which is how Hemis feels right at this moment…. READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 19th September, 2012


The entity hears a song rising through the rafters as he toys with an idea. He looks at the armour on the wall and then the mannequin. The feel-good tune is a Christmas carol, meaning that someone down in the MMD is up to something. Out on the street, effervescent candy, like snowflakes, tumble through the changing atmos. The perfect parcels drift on a scented current which seems to obey the hands of a temptress somewhere, and then they land and melt into puddles of foam that clean the surfaces before they evaporate. Or someone catches it and eats the candy, in which case a glow comes over them before their eyes light up to accentuate the pleasure they get on consuming the outpouring descending upon them. It is obvious to onlookers that the tide has shifted behind the second horizon and the sheer veneer of sky has become a frontal movement of positivity once more. The cathartic nature of the work being written nurtures the origin of it all, creating a seamless story that transcends all walls of the stage and theatre, which is the world, the universe and the mind that conceives all of this to be possible, with an outside chance of it being true…. The entity ponders his musings before he approves it for broadcast on the spectrum of light that is information, and so be it, that someone or something finds it to be of value, then at that point in time it becomes knowledge, and we’re all the better for it having been said. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 18th September, 2012


“White Light”: The glass train prepares to leave the—station in the sky—another name for the dock at Neon City, capital of the SFD. The explosion that rains glass down on the alleyway, showering the new arrivals with diamond confetti as a welcome gift, sends each one of the shells with their new soul out into the Dream Dimension anticipating the wildest of escapades, the most amazing adventure or the most spine chilling encounter imaginable. The explosion emits black body radiation that casts white light upon the exiting event, as it is known. The entity ducks into a building to save himself from being spotted by one of Afanasy’s unit. The exploding train symbolises that this is the end of the journey for now. In the heart of the dimension, at the Dimension Forks, is the gateway to the AmalgaMension Dimension (AMD). Story has it that only one character has ever made the complete journey from earth to here in dreamland and then onto heaven or the AMD. READ MORE

Date: Monday 17th September, 2012


The train comes to a halt twenty stories high in the atmos. And so the entity makes his way up the side of the buildings lining the alleyway. If someone were looking, an odd shadow from the gleaming glass train, named for its translucent quality, would be seen skimming the facades as it zooms to get a view of the new arrivals in the Dream Dimension. The entity watches as shells on board the transparent vessel open their eyes for the first time in their new skin. One or two yawn to clear the cobwebs, while most have some sort of a smile to seal the new union of spirit and skin. Beauty and sincerity with symmetry are the ideal combination, or earnestness with good intentions bound in weathered boards will do. The entity, still void of form for him to carry out a particular function, watches as he can almost taste the new sensation that each character is undergoing at this time…. READ MORE

Date: Saturday 15th September, 2012


Hemis bows his head out of habit, poised ready to say grace, something which makes Lazoo frown. Missy places a finger to her lips to hush everyone else. Genisis, seated at the opposite end of the long dining table facing Lazoo, frowns at Missy and Lazoo for the enjoyment they get from watching Hemis. Hemis realises that there’s something amiss and slowly his eyes come up to survey what is happening. First he sees the dress that Missy is wearing, almost but not quite low cut enough to be revealing. But with her in it, it could be if he saw her that way. She has a mischievous look on her face and her index finger placed against her lips like she was gesticulating to others. “We live by the grace of gods, whatever gods we worship. But we eat from the efforts of our hands, minds, and mouths which utter total complete nonsense in the line of business. So bless those who believe us and the ones who prepared this meal!” Lazoo says staring at Hemis like he had done something wrong. Hemis takes a moment to try and figure out whether or not Lazoo was angry at him for thinking they were to say grace. But then he realises that Lazoo had in fact said grace, only his tone and the way he said it while glaring at him made it feel and sound satanic rather than grateful. “I like the one where you thank heaven for the narcissists and the racists for without them we wouldn’t be who we are….” Missy’s comment is met with a blank look from Lazoo who picks up a fork and waves it around, painting what Hemis believes resembles a key signature in music notation, signalling it was time for them to eat…. READ MORE

Date: Friday 14th September, 2012


Hemis goes to knock on the steel door that is reinforced by metal plates and bolts, which give the place an industrial theme. The sound of the lock being released followed by a voice on a little speaker above the door saying “Come in Hemis Chokery-Blasphedemien,” and Hemis spotting the camera in the corner of the foyer, all add to the effect - the LAZOO effect. John James Lazoo overcame the accusation of, or more to the point was acquitted of, the murder of seven men. That was his voice telling Hemis to enter a warehouse where Hemis, a kid from the bible-belt, will play him; John Lazoo, an illiterate Poet whose American Dream was to make it on Broadway only for it to be shattered when he is accused of the heinous crime. The door slowly opens, allowing him to see what he suspects Lazoo would want anyone who comes to the compound to see at this time. An eclectic décor, held together by the crimson velvet wall that runs into carpet, broken by smashed concrete pillars in which snakes of fire slide in and out of cracks offering dim lighting that please the eye. Missy Lévon is nowhere to be seen, but the woman she will play, Genisis Jones, is there to greet Hemis. Ms Jones, as she is known, reminds one of Charlize Theron now. But back when Genisis was sixteen, Missy Lévon, who suddenly appears down the corridor to Hemis’ left, is who she looked like. READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 12th September, 2012


“Come here often?” The sweetest of voices asks. Hemis-Chokery Blasphedemien doesn’t get asked the question often. The guy with average looks, height, intellect, but with an above average view on life, well today anyways, pretends he is not surprised by the voice as he decides now’s as good a time as any to get into the role of the Pirate, a player. “I’m here now,” Hemis casts an eye in the opposite direction. The well planned move catches a perfect picture of Missy Lévon, one that Hemis will not forget. The pretty, but not perfect looking, girl with a cheeky streak that comes out in everything she does is framed by the smoky alleyway and its fire stairs like metallic vines that zigzag their way up the side of the buildings that line the alleyway. They contrast Missy in her fur coat, which makes her look like one of the sirens from old Hollywood; her soft skin, almond shaped eyes with two strawberries for lips. “John Lazoo likes you,” Hemis hears the compliment from one of the family, Missy, Lazoo’s niece in a roundabout way. READ MORE

Date: Tuesday 11th September, 2012


Genisis waves to her dad as he drives off. The sound of the bell in the distance doesn’t bother Ms Jones, not as much as extremists with right wing views do, which will be the topic of her essay she had to hand in today. The A grader doesn’t care right now, she has other things on her mind. The postcard from Wisconsin which at first felt like a chain letter, then the orange envelope in the mail from overseas arrived and then the dream which lead to the street she lives being transformed into something…unlike anything she has seen or could imagine. It was like a perfect painting of all the eras and architecture that Genisis was fascinated by, from Victorian England to Aztec Indians from the Americas, futuristic according to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, and some Kubrick to stretch the imagination. READ MORE

Date: Monday 10th September, 2012


Genisis keeps her head bowed as her dad reverses the car out of the drive way. It is only when they reach the end of the street that she looks up. Out the corner of her eye she can see houses; normal suburban ones like the one she lives in and not Pink Ladies from the Victorian era. She turns her head to make sure that they’re not the Pink Ladies she can see from her window and in her dream. The car rounds the corner and a tree casts a shadow on the road. She clenches her fists and her heart starts to pound. “Are you okay Gen?” She can hear her dad’s voice but what he’s saying doesn’t register. The entity without a shell in her dream comes to mind. Genisis is not sure whether the entity or spirit is for or against the cause and when she thinks about it, she is not even sure that she understands what the “cause” is. She’d heard about it and seen literature describing the New Global Realm that was being built but she did not fully understand the principles, other than it was all about the environment, social justice, and equality for all man… surmised, one exponent of the cause put it as: “We exist to be happy - no more, no less.” READ MORE

Date: Sunday 9th September, 2012


Lights shone from one of only a few vehicles on the SFD; the silver convertible driven by the Head of the SFD Control Unit, Afanasy, cast a shadow behind the entity who doesn’t inhabit a body. “Layabouts do little for themselves or the community,” Afanasy, whom he’s met face-to-face in a body down in the MMD, sounds his usual sarcastic self. The entity without a shell remains silent as he looks around to see if he can see any other shadows without mass or a shell in the convertible’s headlights. “Only you would think to try your luck up in here at dark.” Afanasy sounds agitated, maybe his appearance in the SFD got Afanasy out of bed. Or, was Afanasy just angry at his disregard for the rules. Number one at the top of that list of rules was if you don’t have a permit to inhabit a shell or body, you apply for a temporary shell permit via the correct channels…. READ MORE

Date: Saturday 8th September, 2012


The Stargate Mix of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” thumps irreverently on one side of the divide. The sky that is seen on Earth protects eyes, ears and minds from what the mind thinks, believes and conceives what is going on behind the thin veneer of today’s face. Fist marks that hail the beat of Depeche decorate the 2nd Horizon like fireworks that do not shine or explode; instead you just get the sudden rush from something so lavish out there in the yonder that celebrates a great occasion or an ending to something memorable. READ MORE

Date: Friday 7th September, 2012


In 2006, writing a novel was just a fantasy for John Reyer Afamasaga who dropped out of high school. The idea that he could conjure a story captivating enough to hold his own attention to write it was more of a fallacy depending on who you talked to about Afamasaga. But the thirty-something’s mind was made. Every single second of his day was dedicated to his new idea which was to turn his best idea ever—John Lazoo—into a novel. Needless to say, he’d promised some mockers back in NZ that he was off to Australia to do just that, to turn Lazoo into a novel within five years…. 2012, the walk down the streets of his home town WELLY on a Friday after work brings back memories of days when focus wasn’t what he was known for. Normally, the walk would take much longer and, by the end, he would’ve caught something or someone for comfort from inside one the many bars that line Wellington’s Golden Mile. But tonight the quick detour down Courtney Place is to return slightly overdue videos for which the dude at Civic Video lets him off with a warning. And then it’s straight across the street that begins to fill with party goers to the bus stop outside Redding Cinemas to catch the number 1 to Island Bay. READ MORE

Date: Thursday 6th September, 2012


“Does it make you happy that you're strange /And in your darkest hour / I hold secret’s flame / You can watch the world devoured in its pain…” Veronika solemnly pencils the outline of her lips. The Smashing Pumpkins on the sound system and in the air, deciding her sensibilities, preclude any doubt from staining Ms London’s determination to go through with her plan to enter into immortality via a portal of opportunity she has been offered. Three months ago, she had been given a manuscript of a play about an ex-con—John Lazoo—who had gone to New York in the ‘90s to start a new life after his release from prison. Three weeks ago, someone claiming to be the playwright made contact with Veronika on Facebook, offering her a part in the GUIOPERA. Today, a phone call from someone claiming to be John Lazoo keeps the idea, which is more of a fantasy adventure than a dream, alive. To say that it was a dream would dismiss the idea as unreal and unachievable. The idea that someone could be immortalised as Lazoo was in the eBook is absurd. However, the GUIOPERA, a fictional blog known for its mash of fantasy and the author’s experience as he writes the story, gives anyone in the GO that opportunity to attain comic book hero status or any status the author and the characters want, as long as the character is able to pull it off in a corresponding reality. READ MORE

Date: Wednesday 5th September, 2012


The sterile surroundings of the delivery suite seem to make Genisis’ pain blunter than if she were in the airy comforts of their home. Doctors and nurses dressed in crisp clean uniforms, domiciled in their pristine white room, seem so far away to Genisis, out of reach, and more concerned about what’s on the flashy monitors rather than how she is feeling. The handsome man in dark clothing, who reminds Genisis of an entity she has never met, must be the man she will marry. READ MORE

Date: Monday 28th August, 2012

Michelle Pillow GUIOPERA V Cameo

Michelle Pillow returns as ravenous bar maid in JRA’s GUIOPERA V (GO5) starting September 5th. In last year’s GUIOPERA, MM. Pillow placed her novel “Frost Maiden” in the story about the story being written utilising MobileAdApp Product Placement. This year she and business partner Mandy Roth, owners of publishing house “Raven Books” have agreed to a brand placement in GO5 using MobileAdApp’s Narrative Marketing, which is online advertising.

Date: Monday 28th August, 2012

Veronika London Confirms GUIOPERA Role via Facebook

Cut-Throat-Creative Carves Role for Veronika London in GUIOPERA. Rising star of the screen Veronika London confirmed that she will play a role in this year’s GUIOPERA in a Facebook message to Cut-Throat-Creative (CTC), John Reyer Afamasaga.

Date: Friday 8th June, 2012


Tears in the second horizon, which flap aimlessly, mark the hole where the convertible had entered. Imogen looks around at the faces in the crowd. The ones who had witnessed the only successful entry into the REPRO, via the front-end, bow their heads at the gaping void, from which clouds of metallic dust mushroom in burst-like gurglings from last gasps for air. Those who hadn’t witnessed John Reyer’s death-defying entry into the REPRO—via the screen some moons ago now to turn the plot which happened seamlessly, sending the driver back into the story without a trace—begin to understand what they see.


©2012 John Reyer Afamasaga