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By John Reyer Afamasaga

From September 5 to December 25 every year since 2008 (on almost any given day) when the LATEST UPLOAD hits the internet, servers on the world-wide-web will propagate the essential-data so mobile devices can download the Metafiction script-of-our-lives. There’s a rush, both to get the freshly written and newly released chapter and the fever with which it happens.

There within….

A cornucopia of idealism and what makes you wonder meet at the corner of Broadway, New York City and Neon strip in Neon City. There, music from above helps make the highly unlikely fathomable and the fantastical possible at just a slight stretch of the imagination.

In the SenFenide Dimension (SFD) also referred to as the Dream Dimension, life is not that different to as we know it in the MindMorph Dimension (MMD) or Earth. Under the laws of the InterDimensional Universe, the alternate reality of the SFD is governed by an inverted relativity of events in the MMD. In other words, our dreams dictate what happens in the SFD.

The dreamers are chosen by the Council that presides over proceedings in all dimensions. The Council is located in the AmalgaMension Dimension (AMD) a place where everything is congruent, nearly perfect.




Samuel and the f3quenZor

(The Biograph)

September 5-December 25 2014


Following the 2011 Quake CHURCH is a throwback to the Wild West. John or the Poet Soldier, a drifter and novice writer arrives in town looking for a fresh start. His day job as foreman for a painting company takes him inside the lives of locals who eagerly await the rebuild which will bring boon times for the region.

For Samuel aged 9 a child of the Quake, life is no different to what it was before the disaster hit. His recollections of his early years a morbid montage that start with who he believes to be his mother leaving. It ends with his dad also Sam and the women of the night who work out front of their house.

Young Sam’s resilience and fortitude causes a celestial occurrence, when he accesses the f3quenZor one night at his window while watching the moon, wishing on a star.

The f3quenZor is a telepathic relay used by the Network, a secret sect that connects the New World Order and the Underworld as medium for communicating during covert operations.

The Poet Soldier, who story has it, is a former Network Operative is one of the 3 Pillars of the f3quenZor (if you buy into the story) begins to write what he calls the GUIOPERA an online serial of web fiction. In keeping with the story, the GUIOPERA is a coded broadcast confirming information received via the f3quenZor for the Poet Soldier’s crew LMLA-ink and their associates around the planet.

Sam’s discovery connects him to Polina in the ‘90’s. Their real time connection warps reality sending them to the SenFenide Dimension, or the Dream Dimension.

Aleisha who left CHURCH following the 11 Quake returns to her hometown. Her connection with Sam is real, when she rescued the six year old who was wandering through rubble just after the quake hit.

The GUIOPERA whether it is or isn’t a cloaking device by the Network, documents Sam, Polina, and Aleisha’s stories like their ordeals and triumphs are the author’s only agenda.

The GUIOPERA a textual serial published almost daily from September 5 to December 25 2014 is a perpetual phenomenon for which the writer uses the story when he writes about readers indulging in the LATEST UPLOAD of the story, creating a cast of millions who read it.

Literary devices or writer/illusionist’s tricks aside, the GUIOPERA takes us on a covert operation that spans decades and worlds created by characters that fight for their lives in a neighbourhood close by.




The Story

For the month FEB ‘14, the streets WELLY become the canvass for an enchanting tale of characters that come to life in a GUIOPERA. Aleisha has adopted the artful ways of the capital, building herself a successful consulting business. Hone takes time out from pursuing a music career to revaluate his options. Lunar Bois has his own ad agency and is content for now. John Reyer a Metafiction writer who tells the tale still has plenty more about his characters that he believes they should be made aware of. Mirah a police woman and avid reader of the GUIOPERA links elements of the story to a cold case…

The Characters

ALEISHA: A rising star in business, things weren't always that way though.
HONE: A musical talent looking for a break.
SKYLAH: Someone Hone meets in the month of FEB.
LUNA BOIS: Has his own agency now.
JOHN REYER: Metafiction writer of WELLY STORY checks in on his characters two years on.
MIRAH: Someone who reads between the lines.


Everything has its price even your imagination.




The Story

“Love songs set the scene for John Lazoo and Genisis Jones in a love story that justifies deputised outlaws doing what their corrupt handlers won’t”

TAGLINE: [Imagine a true love story directed by Tarantino]

The World

55 Days is a love story about John Lazoo and Genisis Jones during a time which can only be described as challenging. Lazoo, who lives off his wits and Genisis, a graduate from a well to do family, would make a perfect couple based on their chemistry. But the odds of the pair finding each other and then making a go of it are against them, even before complications arise from Lazoo’s lifestyle threaten their limited chances of a future together.

55 Days has many sub plots, made up by an array of characters in a story that relies upon its method of delivery to set the scene rather than context. Some of the characters live above the line, in a double edged story, while others dwell well below the eye-line. Lazoo sees and feels the effects of their actions in a deep omniscient narrative that exposes its characters darkest fears and secrets.

Harry Clarenta a wealthy NYC businessman becomes obsessed with Lazoo. On Clarenta’s trail are the authorities and the Network, a secret sect that connects the Underworld and the New World Order, which a young Clarenta was a member of before the talented operative turned to the dark side.

Lazoo, who always fancied himself as a creative-type, now gets the chance to play director for Clarenta in a production with an unlimited budget.

55 Days is the period in 1997. It starts when Lazoo is tipped off by the Network lead by celebrated operative Metofeaz Litigatti, of the operation that started back in ’91. Its climatic ending Lazoo is entrusted to deliver unbeknown to him. Litigatti and the Network’s faith in the ex-con is unsubstantiated, and a risk that could bring down all the wrong people.

Lazoo’s integrity, a conman’s Achilles' heel, is called upon. His production in which he has cast Genisis has become a feature in New York. The reality based drama/performance art which takes place on the streets, frequently stopping traffic when flash mobs flood street corners to be part of his sometimes moving and at other times outrageous scenes start making the news and going viral on the internet.

When Clarenta the executive producer of Lazoo’s creation senses that something is awry, things start to go wrong for Lazoo.

The Characters

John Lazoo: A hustler with a heart of gold. Lazoo lives off his good looks and magnetism that draws people to him. The freewheeling confidence man finds himself at a crossroads when he meets Genisis Jones at the same time he becomes entangled in a covert operation by Network operatives.

Genisis Jones: A graduate from upstate New York enjoying the spring break in Central Park, Genisis is dragged into a world she’s only ever researched and studied the profiles of its characters.

Harry Clarenta: Flamboyant New York underworld figure with a weakness for hard bodied young men comes across Lazoo. Clarenta’s obsession with Lazoo creates a counter plot that drives the love story in different directions.

Metofeaz Litigatti: Former sniper and ex Special Forces soldier who doesn’t mind the life of a Network operative. At times the setting can be opulent, overflowing with excess, but for most of the time, it’s a lonely existence in uncomfortable surroundings. As a leader of the Network’s underbelly his ethics are called upon in a lawless habitat.

Tone Horroh: It’s a well-known that criminals and corrupt posers from above the line would rather chance their arm with the law and justice system than become the target of a Network operative. Tone Horroh is the type of operative responsible for such lore.

Jon Le Mac: When the Network decided to recruit Tone Horroh, they needed someone who could keep Horroh under control. Le Mac, who grew up with Tone is that person.

Hannibal Ammer: The Network, a vast organisation that spans organised crime and the corridors of power, like any other complex eco-system has a food chain that it relies upon for order. Ammer, a would-be leader despises the Network’s lowlifes he’s responsible for, the likes of Horroh and now maybe Lazoo.

The Pacifican: Every espionage story has a phantom character, the Pacifican who some say is the Poet Soldier, or the Network’s Mastermind is such.

Sharon Smith: A confirmed psychic, which is a common attribute for recruits from outside the government agencies. Smith code named the Tourist has been with the Network since the age of sixteen like Metofeaz and many of the Network’s operatives.


About the GUIOPERA

The Graphical User Interface Opera is etfiction’s showpiece, which runs annually, beginning on September 5th and climaxing on December 25th each year till 2020. The GUIOPERA incorporates many ideas the web has made possible in its storytelling process. Its blog like presentation—with hyperlinks to music, news, and information built into an actual story that can stand on its own without the cyber thrills—sets the GUIOPERA as a fiction serial apart from all other online textual stories. Conceived as a blockbuster type product among the eBooks and other etfiction products, the GUIOPERA even has its own unique format which aesthetically differentiates the way the stories are told or written. The three-part chapter offers the writer and reader multiple ways of telling and consuming the story, using past and present tense in the immediacy of conjoining paragraphs as an accepted norm.

When it’s all said and done, the GUIOPERA is an intriguing read as its written and published live like the news. It tells a story that history will remember for its creativity and the means by which the author roused interest in his story-about-the-story-being-told.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | WELLY STORY


First we met John Lazoo, the illiterate but magnetic figure whose idea for a stage play became the modus operandi for the Tongue Murders, for which he was charged and tried, and then mysteriously able to walk away from. The love of a woman was enough to take center-stage in John Lazoo the book, thus introducing Genisis Jones, a worthy adversary by plot, but also the valued prize whom Lazoo eventually wins. In book II, WIPE, Polina Rada supersedes the potential global phenomenon of a video game with her wish to be part of a family. Afamasaga the narrator, Lazoo the poet, Metofeaz the writer, and Jon Le Mac the producer, otherwise known as LMLA-ink (for Lazoo, Metofeaz, Le Mac and Afamasaga), come close enough to telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the GUIOPERA.

ISBN: 978-0-9803486-7-5
Publisher: etfiction
Price: $0.00


In 2021, the woman in her prime reaches for the phone as she looks out over the blue ocean. Missy Evon heads LMLA-ink and the family’s investigation into the disappearance of John Reyer Afamasaga. The trail of events has led her to Samoa in the Pacific. The call from the FBI—it too has someone on the paradise island—says what she is not yet ready to accept. “He’s gone; maybe he’s gone into one of those dimensions your kind go to…” The agent’s mocking tone makes the writer want to scream. She tosses her hair, hangs up the phone, wipes her eyes, and makes a call....


The clock ticks over and into December 24th, 2010. Polina Rada, the twenty-one year old sits on her bed. She watches the home video of her and the only parents she can recall on their first and last Christmas as a family….


Johnny has been banished from the AMD, a mecca or heaven for the entity who has risked life and limb in the battle against evil that began after the Crucifixion in the MMD. He finds himself in a shell of his former self in the dream dimension or the SFD.

On earth in the MMD, where dreams create life in the SFD, the Novice writes his story—the GUIOPERA. His readers take away with them inspiration from his story, which is an attempt by the Novice to start a new life.

The novice writer has had many lives, some of which he’d rather forget, and others he hangs onto.

He must find the path to his destiny, which is well known in the Network. In completing this year’s GUIOPERA, he can intersect the dreams of those in the MMD, helping Johnny to regain his entity. All the Novice needs is the perfect distraction….


As JRA plots the prologue to the conclusion for his story this year, the nagging thought of how things might’ve been if he had not chosen the life of a writer pesters the novice. Ellie Goulding’s version of “Your Song” interrupts the long line of ideas on how to make the penultimate chapter of GO5 sullen so the climax would be his just deserts for not wanting to be published in any other format but the GUIOPERA.

The truth about his first eBook novel, JOHN LAZOO, had been revealed, raising a few eyebrows but justifying what all the fuss was about. On top of that, he had managed to carve out the story he had promised the world with a new crew behind the scenes.


Up for grabs are three tickets to be a character in a story that’s being told on the New Global Realm….

Hone, fresh out of school, comes to Welly in pursuit of his dream of forming his own band. He meets Lunar Bois, who can make things happen...or so Lunar tells young Hone.

Aleisha, who’s arrived in Wellington following the latest quake in Christchurch, takes a job as a receptionist in an advertising agency in hopes of leaving her life as a stripper behind her.

Lunar Bois is well aware of the fact that he’s on his last warning at the agency. The last time the once-feared creative director did anything of note was a while ago now. And even that didn’t get off the ground in the end. Lunar lives of his reputation. “WELLY STORY,” a GUIOPERA style serial, is about the city Lunar loves. JRA, a player whom Lunar knows well from back in the day, has approached Lunar, who works for an agency that frowns on what John Reyer does—to be the “Ad Man” in his story about a story being told….

WELLY STORY is an uplifting tale. The backdrop is the streets of Wellington, New Zealand. The quirkiness and cool style of the “Capital” threads its way in and out of a fantastical story that’ll have readers in fits one minute and tears the next.


©2013 John Reyer Afamasaga